Lake District National Park Walks

Map showing location of walks - Lake District National Park

Far Eastern Fells - including High Street & Kentmere Horseshoe Miles
1143Hallin Fell from Martindale Church, Sandwickeasy2.00
1109Harter Fell & Nan Bield Pass from Mardale Headmoderate4.50
3033Tarn Crag & Harrop Pike from Sadgill, Longsleddalemoderate5.50
1959Gray Crag and Pasture Beck from Hartsop villagemoderate5.50
1152The Corpse Road and Selside Pike from Mardalemoderate6.00
1228Thornthwaite Beacon & High Street from Hartsopmoderate6.50
1110The Angletarn Pikes from Hartsopmoderate7.00
1269High Street & Kidsty Pike from Mardale Headmoderate7.50
2047Place Fell from Patterdalemoderate7.50
2060The Angletarn Pikes and Brock Crags from Hartsopmoderate8.00
1147Longsleddale and Kentmere Pike from Sadgillmoderate8.00
1462Mardale Head horseshoemoderate8.00
3309Hartsop, Hartsop Dodd, Stony Cove Pike & Kirkstone Passmoderate8.50
1242Bannerdale, Boredale & Beda Head from Martindalemoderate9.00
1241Arthur's Pike & Loadpot Hill from Martindalemoderate9.00
2585Hartsop Dodd, Stony Cove Pike, High St. & The Knottmod/hard10.00
1320A shorter Kentmere Horseshoemod/hard10.50
2631A Martindale High-level Circuitmod/hard11.00
3388Around Hayeswater and Angle Tarn From Hartsopmod/hard11.50
2425Circuit of Boredale from Patterdalemod/hard11.50
2652Photographer's Kentmere Horseshoemod/hard13.50
Eastern Fells - including Helvellyn & Fairfield Miles
3519High Sweden Bridge from Amblesideeasy/mod3.00
2039A circuit of Gowbarrow Fell, Ullswatermoderate3.50
3232Glenridding Dodd & Sheffield Pike from Glenridding easy/mod4.50
2841Grisedale Tarn & Seat Sandal from Mill Bridge, Grasmeremoderate5.00
1230Birks & Arnison Crag from Patterdalemoderate5.50
2254Grisedale Tarn from Mill Bridge, Grasmeremoderate5.50
2327Red Tarn & Birkhouse Moor from Glenriddingmoderate6.00
1235Red Tarn & Grisedale from Glenriddingmoderate7.00
1247Helvellyn & Raise from Swirlsmod/hard7.00
1023Wansfell Pike & Wansfell from Amblesideeasy/mod7.50
2049Calfhow Pike & the Dodds from Legburthwaitemoderate7.50
1229Helvellyn & Dollywaggon Pike from Wythburnmoderate8.00
2025Helvellyn & Wythburn from Swirlsmod/hard8.50
1156Helvellyn via Striding and Swirral Edgeshard9.50
1170A shortened version of the Fairfield Horseshoemod/hard9.50
3423Dove Crag & Red Screes - Scandale Horseshoemod/hard9.50
3034Red Screes & Other Fells from Amblesidemod/hard10.00
1002The Fairfield Horseshoe from Amblesidemod/hard11.00
1710St. Sunday Crag & Helvellyn from Glenriddinghard11.50
1520Helvellyn & Fairfield Horseshoe from Patterdalevery hard13.00
1823Fairfield Horseshoe & Loughrigg from High Close mod/hard14.00
Central Fells - including the Langdale Pikes Miles
2032Great How, a short ascent above Thirlmereeasy2.00
2321Shores of Derwentwater from Keswick easy3.50
2026Loughrigg from Pelter Bridge near Rydaleasy/mod4.00
1141An Elterwater circulareasy/mod4.00
2019Raven Crag, the Benn & Shoulthwaite Gill near Thirlmereeasy/mod4.00
3697Loughrigg Fell from Skelwith Bridgeeasy/mod4.50
1356Walla Crag from Great Woodeasy/mod4.50
1059Colwith Force and Skelwith Force from Elterwatereasy/mod4.80
2524Thirlmere Circulareasy5.00
1682Rydal Water & Grasmere from Grasmere easy/mod5.50
2715Skelwith Bridge & Loughrigg from Elterwatereasy/mod5.50
2005High Rigg, Legburthwaiteeasy5.50
1158High Rigg from Legburthwaiteeasy5.50
2582Pike o' Stickle, Harrison Stickle & Pavey Arkmoderate6.00
1565Rydal Water & Grasmere from Grasmere villageeasy/mod6.00
2042The Langdale Pikes with an ascent of Jack's Rakevery hard6.25
3075Ambleside and Rydal circular easy/mod6.50
3029Walla Crag from Keswickeasy/mod6.50
1472Alcock Tarn, Rydal Water & Grasmere from Grasmereeasy/mod7.00
2525Standing Crag & Dock Tarn from Watendlathmoderate7.00
3328Eagle Crag & Seargeant's Crag from Stonethwaitemoderate7.00
2932A Green Burn horseshoe from Mill Bridge, Grasmeremoderate7.00
1693Grange & Watendlath from Rosthwaite easy/mod7.60
2073Three of the Langdale peaksmoderate8.25
2587Castlerigg Stone Circle & St John's in the Valeeasy/mod8.50
1108Ashness Bridge & Grange Fell from Borrowdalemoderate9.00
3037High Seat & Bleaberry Fell from Keswickmoderate9.00
1154Between Grasmere and Langdalemoderate9.50
1111High Raise & Helm Crag from Grasmeremod/hard9.50
2526Standing Crag, Ullscarf & Borrowdalemod/hard10.00
Northern Fells - including Skiddaw & Blencathra Miles
2612Roughton Gill, Caldbeck Fellseasy4.50
1506Sharp Edge & Blencathra from Scalesmod/hard5.00
1008Blencathra via Sharp Edge from Scalesmod/hard5.00
1676Ullock Pike, Long Side and Carl Sidemoderate5.50
2040A circuit of 4 peaks on the flanks of Skiddawmoderate5.50
1188Blencathra via Hall's Fell ridge from Scales Farmmod/hard6.00
1177Great Sca Fell via Trusmadoormoderate6.50
1214Carrock Fell & High Pike from Mosedalemoderate7.00
2244Whitewater Dash and Great Calvamoderate7.00
1354Bannerdale Crags & Souther Fellmoderate7.50
1244Lonscale Fell & Latrigg from Underscar Lanemoderate7.50
3470Blencathra via Foule Crag from Scalesmod/hard8.00
1073Skiddaw & Glenderaterra Beck from Underscarmoderate9.00
1101Carrock Fell, High Pike and Knott from Mosedalemoderate11.00
North Western Fells - including Grasmoor & Grisedale Pike Miles
2020A circuit of Rannerdale Knotts, Crummock Watereasy/mod2.50
1011Knott Rigg and Ard Crags from Newlands Hauseeasy/mod3.50
2041Barf (via the Bishop) and Lords Seatmod/hard4.00
3525Catbells from Gutherscale (Route B)easy/mod4.00
2036Catbells from Gutherscale (Route A)easy/mod4.00
1142A circuit of Buttermere from Buttermere villageeasy4.50
1245Castle Crag & Grange from Seatollereasy/mod6.00
2038Tower Ridge on Eel Crag returning via Sail & Barrowhard6.25
1155Causey Pike from Stoneycroft, nr. Braithwaitemoderate6.25
1187Robinson & Hindscarth from Newlandsmod/hard6.50
1231Grasmoor & Whiteless Pikemoderate7.00
2021A circuit of Whiteside, Hopegill Head & Grisedale Pikemoderate7.50
1268Cat Bells & High Spy from Grangemoderate8.00
2539Rannerdale Knotts & Grasmoormoderate8.00
2609Crag Hill & Grasmoor from Buttermeremod/hard8.00
2581Lord's Seat & Barf from Whinlattermoderate8.50
1120Grisedale Pike & Crag Hill from Braithwaitemod/hard8.50
1732Buttermere, Coledale and Newlands circuithard9.00
3119Catbells, Dale Head & Hindscarth - The Newlands Horseshoe mod/hard12.00
2642Buttermere Horseshoevery hard14.00
Western Fells - including Great Gable and Haystacks Miles
1176Yewbarrow from Wasdalemoderate4.50
1065Haystacks from Honister Passmoderate5.50
1289Fleetwith Pike & Haystacks from Gatescarthmoderate5.50
1246Black Sail Pass & Beck Head from Wasdale Headmoderate5.50
1826Green Gable & Gillercomb Horseshoe from Seathwaite moderate5.50
1306Base Brown & Great Gable from Seathwaitemod/hard6.00
1302Low Fell and Fellbarrow from Loweswatereasy/mod6.00
1671Grike & Crag Fell from Ennerdale Bridge easy/mod6.60
1290Mellbreak from Loweswatermoderate7.00
1303Buckbarrow, Seatallan & Middle Fellmoderate7.00
1112Great Gable from Honister Passhard7.25
2800The Scafells via Piers Gillmod/hard7.50
1692Great End & Glaramara from Seathwaitemod/hard7.70
2900Pillar (by the High Level Path) from Wasdalemod/hard8.00
1153The High Stile Ridge from Gatescarth, Buttermerehard10.00
2341A circuit of Nether Beck and Over Beck from Wasdalehard11.25
1126The Mosedale Horseshoe from Wasdale Headhard11.50
1444Great Gable from Borrowdale Youth Hostelhard12.00
1690Netherbeck Horseshoe - Middle Fell, Steeple & Red Pikemod/hard12.50
1745Grike and Caw Fell from Kinniside Stone Circlemod/hard13.50
2058Ennerdale Skyline incl. Steeple & other fellsmod/hard13.75
1082Ennerdale Horseshoesevere18.00
Southern Fells - including Scafell, Bowfell etc Miles
3508The Crinkle Crags from Wrynose Passeasy/mod5.00
2033Wetherlam from Tilberthwaitemoderate5.00
1301Great Stickle & Stickle Pikemoderate5.00
1171Pike o' Blisco from Blea Tarn, Langdalemoderate5.00
2270Tilberthwaite and Holme Fell from Little Langdaleeasy/mod5.50
1175A Combe Gill circuit from Seatollermoderate5.50
1932Slight Side from Whahouse Bridge moderate5.60
2675Eel Tarn and Stony Tarn from Eskdaleeasy/mod6.00
3028Tarn Hows & Tom Gill from Conistoneasy/mod6.50
2034Scafell from Wasdale Headhard6.50
2355Blea Tarn & Eskdale Green from Booteasy/mod6.50
1916Harter Fell and Low Birker Tarn (Eskdale)moderate6.50
1299Green Crag from Eskdalemoderate6.50
2818Bowfell Circularmod/hard7.00
1684Lingmoor Fell & Langdale from Elterwater easy/mod7.00
3220Wetherlam from Coniston by Red Dellmoderate7.00
2046Great End via the north west face from Seathwaitevery hard7.00
1132The Crinkle Crags from Great Langdalemod/hard7.00
1761Tom Heights and Tarn Hows from Conistoneasy/mod7.00
1236Styhead Tarn and Seathwaite Fellmoderate7.00
2037Bowfell & Rosset Pike via the Climber's Traversehard7.50
2229Tarns of Eskdaleeasy/mod7.50
1144Lingmoor Fell from Blea Tarn, Langdalemoderate8.00
3110The Old Man of Coniston & Dow Crag from Torvermod/hard8.50
1207Great & Little Langdalesmoderate8.50
1217Dow Crag & the Old Man of Conistonmod/hard8.50
1157Bowfell and Esk Pike from Old Dungeon Ghyllhard8.75
2718The Scafells from Wasdale Headmod/hard9.00
2361Walking on Water to Scafell from Eskdalehard9.50
1114Scafell Pike from Seathwaite, Borrowdalehard9.50
1134Wetherlam and The Carrs from Little Langdalemod/hard10.75
2362Scafell Pike and Scafell from Eskdalevery hard11.00
2226The Scafells from Eskdalevery hard12.00
3419Scafell Pike from Brotherilkeld, an Eskdale circularvery hard12.50
1911Coniston's Magnificent Sevenhard13.00
Outlying & Lesser Fells Miles
2053Claife Heights from Near Sawreyeasy2.50
3320A Grizedale Tarn circulareasy2.50
1058Beacon Fell & Beacon Tarn circulareasy/mod4.00
3410Latterbarrow from Hawksheadeasy4.00
1124Beacon Tarn & The Beacon, near Torvereasy/mod4.00
2721Scout Scar Limestone Ridgeeasy/mod5.00
1668Silver Knott & Muncaster Fell from Irton Road easy/mod5.00
3234Gummers How via Chapel House Wood, South Lake Districteasy/mod5.50
1049Staveley tarns circulareasy/mod6.00
1463School Knott & Grandsire from Ingseasy/mod6.50
3199Whitbarrow Fell from Mill Sidemoderate7.00
1555Brunt Knott from Staveley easy/mod7.00
1417Astley's Plantation, Simpson's Ground & Gummer's Howeasy/mod7.50
1148Scout Scar from Sizerghmoderate11.00
1045Levens Bridge to Kendaleasy/mod11.50

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