Featured Gear - 3rd January 2001

Leather DressingThe special formulation of LEATHER DRESSING 2000 ensures that walking boots obtains a high degree of waterproofing, without changing the characteristics of the leathers. The surface touch remains the same and the colour of the leather remains unchanged. (Nubuck may go a little darker)

Because the product is concentrated, apply sparingly over your boots paying particular attention to the stitching for the best results. After the application, simply allow to dry and buff up with a dry cloth. This simple operation will restore life back into old leathers, make them waterproof but allow the leathers to ”breathe“ ensuring maximum comfort.

It is the breathability of leathers which allows moisture from perspiration to be removed while at the same time stopping water from the outside elements to penetrate through to the feet, which makes leather such a good material for walking boots. LEATHER DRESSING 2000 enhances these properties.

At £2.50 per jar (plus £1 postage and packaging) the product represents exceptional value. Remember two jars only cost £5 plus £1 p&p.

For further enquires contact Sales@sacsrepackaging.com and put ”sales“ in the subject box or for trade enquiries put ”Trade Enquiries“ in the subject box. Or you can send a cheque to the value of the number of jars you require to;

SACS Repackaging
43, Yokecliffe Crescent,
Wirksworth, Near Matlock,
Derbyshire DE4 4ER

"Tested in Derbyshire and the Lake District in very wet conditions, this product performed beyond expectations. Convenient packaging (no messy tubes!) and a pleasant texture and smell. Recommended - Lou Johnson" 

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