Hertfordshire Way from Nuthampstead to Great Hormead

Introduction to Walk 2220

Photo from the walk - Hertfordshire Way from Nuthampstead to Great Hormead

County/Area - Hertfordshire

Author - Donald Morton

Length - 10.0 miles / 16.3 km

Ascent - 500 feet / 152 metres

Grade - easy/mod

Nuthampstead, during the war was the site of a USAF bomber base and the walk goes over this, following the Hertfordshire Way from the Woodman pub, with wartime memorabilia, through Anstey with the Blind Fiddler pub and a number of points of interest to look out for, and on to Great Hormead with the Three Tuns pub where you leave the Hertfordshire Way to return to Nuthampstead. The countryside is one of wide vistas over arable fields mainly devoted to cereals; the villages are full of thatched cottages and there are two historic big houses to look out for en route.

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