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Walks in the Snowdonia National Park

Walk location map for the Snowdonia National Park

Snowdon & Satellites Miles
Walk 1427Craflwyn circular, near Beddgelerteasy/moderate2.50
Walk 2122Cwm Glas from Pen-y-passmoderate/hard4.00
Walk 1136Yr Aran from Bethaniamoderate5.50
Walk 1192Yr Aran from Bethaniamoderate/hard6.50
Walk 3073Crib Goch, Garnedd Ugain and Snowdon hard6.50
Walk 3057Moel Eilio from Llanberismoderate7.00
Walk 3198Snowdon via the South Ridge & Rhyd-ddu Pathmoderate/hard7.50
Walk 1418Snowdon and Y Lliwedd from Pen-y-passmoderate/hard7.50
Walk 1958The Snowdon Horseshoehard7.50
Walk 1216Y Lliwedd & Snowdon from Pen-y-passmoderate/hard7.50
Walk 1089Snowdon by the Pyg and Miner's Tracks from Pen-y-passmoderate7.50
Walk 2692Snowdon via Dinas Mot & Crib Goch (north ridge) from Pen-y-passhard8.00
Walk 2290Snowdon via the Watkin Path & South Ridgemoderate/hard8.00
Walk 2797Yr Aran and Snowdon from Rhyd-Ddumoderate/hard8.50
Walk 3036Snowdon via Crib Goch from Pen-y-passvery hard8.50
Walk 1003Snowdon from Llanberismoderate9.00
Walk 1103Snowdon & Cwm Llan horseshoevery hard13.00
Walk 3059Moel Cynghorion & Snowdonvery hard13.50
Glyders Miles
Walk 3001Tryfan by the North Ridge from Ogwen Valleyhard3.50
Walk 2855Gallt yr Ogof & Braich y Ddeugwmmoderate4.00
Walk 1186Y Garn from Ogwen Cottagemoderate/hard4.50
Walk 1137Y Garn from Ogwen Cottagemoderate/hard4.50
Walk 1088The Traverse of the Glyder Ridge from Ogwenhard5.50
Walk 1215Tryfan & Llyn Ogwen from the Ogwen Valleymoderate/hard5.50
Walk 1454Glyder Fawr and Glyder Fach from Pen-y-Passmoderate/hard5.50
Walk 3026Tryfan & the Eastern Tops from the Ogwen Valleyhard5.75
Walk 1453Elidir Fawr, Mynydd Perfedd and the Marchlyn Mawr reservoirmoderate6.00
Walk 2417A Glyderau trio: Glyder Fach, Glyder Fawr and Tryfan moderate/hard6.50
Walk 2650Tryfan, the Glyderau and Y Garnvery hard8.00
Walk 3019Y Garn & Carnedd y Filiast from Ogwen Cottagehard8.50
Walk 2300Glyder Fach from Capel Curigmoderate/hard11.50
Walk 1074The Glyder Traversevery hard12.00
Carneddau Miles
Walk 2766Capel Pinnacle / Y Pincin from Capel Curigeasy1.00
Walk 3005Clogwen from Bryntyrch, Capel Curigeasy2.00
Walk 1435Alltwen, Penmaen-Bach, and Conwy Mountain from the Sychnant Passeasy/moderate3.00
Walk 3062Pen yr Ole Wen from the Ogwen Valleymoderate5.00
Walk 3056Pen yr Helgi Du from the Ogwen Valleymoderate5.50
Walk 2497Druid Circle, Moelfre and Foel Lus from Penmaenmawreasy/moderate6.00
Walk 3051Yr Elen from Gerlan, Bethesdahard6.50
Walk 1332Four lakes of the Gwydir Forest - Llyn Tyn-y-Mynydd, Llyn Geirionydd, Llyn Bychan and Llyn Goddiondueasy/moderate6.50
Walk 1037Two lakes of the Gwydir Forest - Llyn Elsi and Llyn Parceasy/moderate6.50
Walk 2638Craig Eigiau, Melynilyn & Dulyn Resrs nr. Tal-y-Bontmoderate7.00
Walk 2608Crimpiau & Creigiau Gleision from Llyn Crafnantmoderate7.50
Walk 1315Drosgl and Gyrn Wigau from Rachubmoderate7.50
Walk 2558Carnedd Dafydd from near Bethesdamoderate/hard8.00
Walk 2542Foel Grach from Llyn Eigiau, Carneddaumoderate8.50
Walk 2200Eastern Carneddau from Capel Curigmoderate8.50
Walk 3020Aber Falls, Foel-fras & Drum from Abergwyngregynmoderate/hard9.00
Walk 3052Yr Elen & Carnedd Dafydd from Gerlan, Bethesdahard9.00
Walk 1635Garnedd Uchaf & Llyn Eigiau nr Tal-y-Bontmoderate/hard9.00
Walk 2115Yr Elen, Carneddd Llewellyn & Carnedd Dafyddhard9.50
Walk 2592Llyn Geirionydd & Llyn Bychan from Llyn Crafnantmoderate9.50
Walk 2902Creigiau Gleision & Llyn Cowlyd from Capel Curigmoderate9.50
Walk 1150The High Carneddau from the Ogwen Valleyhard10.00
Walk 3047The Carneddau from Llyn Eigiau, Carneddauhard10.00
Walk 3061Eastern Carneddau from near Rowenmoderate/hard10.50
Walk 3021The Northern Carneddau from Abergwyngregynmoderate/hard12.00
Walk 2547Carnedd Llewelyn via the Eastern Carneddaumoderate/hard12.00
Walk 2536Llyn Crafnant, Capel Curig & Llyn Colwyd from Trefriwmoderate/hard13.00
Walk 2820Carneddau traverse from Llyn Ogwen to Bont Newyddmoderate/hard14.00
Walk 1232Carnedd Llewelyn, Llyn Eigiau & Llyn Cowlydhard16.00
Moelwyns Miles
Walk 3074Mynydd Sygun from Beddgelert easy/moderate3.00
Walk 1151Moel Siabod from Pont Cyfyng, near Capel Curighard5.50
Walk 1426Aberglaslyn and Cwm Bychan from Beddgelerteasy/moderate5.75
Walk 2150Llyn Dinas and Cwm Bychan from Beddgelerteasy/moderate6.00
Walk 2919Moel Siabod from Capel Curig moderate6.00
Walk 1127Cnicht from Croesormoderate6.25
Walk 3402Moel Siabod circuit from Plas y Brenin, Capel Curigmoderate6.50
Walk 3035The Moelwyns from Croesormoderate/hard7.50
Walk 1334Cnicht from Tanygrisiaumoderate8.00
Walk 1422Cnicht and Moelwyn Mawr from Croesor moderate8.00
Walk 3024North West of Blaenau Ffestiniog from the Crimea Passmoderate/hard8.50
Walk 3058Llyn yr Adar & Llyn Ednomoderate9.00
Walk 1010Cnicht, Moel Druman & Allt-fawr from Croesormoderate10.00
Walk 1515Tops and Tarns of the Moelwynsmoderate/hard11.00
Moel Hebog Miles
Walk 1131Mynydd Mawr from Froneasy/moderate4.00
Walk 1799Moel Hebog from Beddgelertmoderate5.50
Walk 2590Nantlle Ridgemoderate6.00
Walk 3117Garnedd Goch via Cwm Silyn ("Two Lakes Walk")moderate6.00
Walk 1951Mynydd Mawr from Rhyd-Ddumoderate6.00
Walk 2560Moel Hebog, Moel yr Ogof & Moel Lefn from Beddgelertmoderate/hard6.50
Walk 1988Moel Hebog, Meol yr Ogof and Moel Lefn from Beddgelertmoderate/hard6.75
Walk 3231Moel Hebog, Meol yr Ogof and Moel Lefn from Beddgelertmoderate/hard6.75
Walk 3060Moel Lefn & Moel yr Ogof from Cwm Pennantmoderate7.00
Walk 3509Nantlle Ridgemoderate/hard8.25
Rhinogs Miles
Walk 1194Bwlch Drws-Ardudwy from Cwm Nantcoleasy4.50
Walk 1191Rhinog Fawr & Gloyw Lyn from Cwm Bychanmoderate/hard5.00
Walk 1173Moel Ysgyfarnogodmoderate6.50
Walk 2544Rhinog Fachmoderate8.00
Walk 1036Rhinog Fach & Y Llethr from Craigddu Isafmoderate9.00
Walk 1193Y Llethr & Diffwys from Dyffryn Ardudwymoderate/hard11.50
Walk 2713A traverse of the Northern Rhinogsmoderate/hard14.00
Walk 3227Rhinog Fawr and nearby tarnsmoderate/hard15.00
Cadair Idris Miles
Walk 3317A short walk from Happy Valleyeasy4.20
Walk 3230Tarrenhendre from Abergynolwyneasy/moderate5.00
Walk 2668Cadair Idris, Craig Cau and Cyfrwy by the Pony Pathmoderate/hard5.25
Walk 1204Cadair Idris from Minfforddmoderate/hard6.00
Walk 1309Tarren y Gesail from Abergynolwynmoderate8.00
Walk 3229A Mawddach circular from Arthog near Fairbournemoderate9.00
Walk 2707West of Cadair Idris - Tyrrau Mawr and Craig-y-llynmoderate9.50
Walk 2570Cadair Idris from Llanfihangel-y-pennantmoderate/hard10.00
Walk 1107Waun Oer and Maesglasemoderate/hard11.00
Walk 2100A Circuit of Cadair Idris from Minfforddmoderate/hard11.00
Walk 1172Cadair Idris by the Pony Pathmoderate/hard11.00
Arans & Lake Bala Miles
Walk 2059Castell Carndochan near Balaeasy/moderate2.50
Walk 2054Moel y Garnedd from Lake Balaeasy/moderate4.00
Walk 3055Glasgwm from Cwm Cywarchmoderate4.50
Walk 2055Moel Emoel from near Balamoderate6.00
Walk 1190Aran Fawddwy from Cwm Cywarchmoderate/hard7.50
Walk 3017Aran Benllyn & Aran Fawddwy from Llanuwchllynmoderate/hard10.00
Walk 1255The Aran Ridge from Cwm Cywarchvery hard11.00
Walk 1400The Arans from Cwm Cywarchhard14.00
Arenigs Miles
Walk 2551Rhobell Fawr from near Rhydymainmoderate5.25
Walk 3038Arenig Fawr from Arenig near Llyn Celynmoderate7.00
Walk 2302Arenig Fawr from Arenig near Llyn Celynmoderate8.00
Walk 2811Rhobell Fawr and Ddualt from near Rhydymainmoderate8.50
Walk 1499Rhobell Fawr and Dduallt from Llanfachrethmoderate12.00
Snowdonia Challenge Route Miles
Walk 3002The Welsh Three-Thousanderssevere31.50

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