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Walks in the Peak District National Park

Walk location map for the Peak District National Park

Western Moors of Staffordshire & Cheshire Miles
Walk 1461Shutlingsloe from Trentabankeasy/moderate3.00
Walk 2329The Disley Lanes from Lyme Parkeasy4.00
Walk 1707The Roaches - a short circular walkeasy/moderate5.00
Walk 2523Black Rocks & Bollinhurst Reservoir from Disleyeasy5.00
Walk 2567Lyme Park & Dissop Head from Disleyeasy6.00
Walk 2576Fernilee Reservoir, Goyt Valleyeasy6.00
Walk 1481Dale Top (Park Moor) from Lyme Parkeasy6.25
Walk 3510Shining Tor, Cats Tor & Foxlow Edgeeasy/moderate7.00
Walk 3030The Roaches & Lud's Churcheasy/moderate7.00
Walk 2535Wildboarclough & Shutlingsloemoderate7.00
Walk 1178The Roaches and Lud's Churchmoderate7.25
Walk 1474Park Moor and Birchencliff from Lyme Parkeasy/moderate7.25
Walk 2506Tegg's Nose from Trentabankmoderate7.50
Walk 1233Shining Tor & Windgather Rocks from Lamaloadmoderate7.50
Walk 2577Hawk's Nest, Goldstitch Moss & Lud's Churchmoderate8.00
Walk 2528Kettleshulme & Sponds Hillmoderate8.00
Walk 1092Taxal Edge, Jenkin Chapel and Pym Chair from Errwood Reservoir.moderate8.50
Walk 1288The Roaches & Hen Cloud from Tittesworth Reservoirmoderate8.50
Walk 1183Shining Tor & Axe Edge Moormoderate9.00
Walk 1502Shutlingsloe, Cat & Fiddle and the Macclesfield Forest from Trentabankmoderate9.00
Walk 2557Lyme Park from Poyntonmoderate10.00
Walk 2527Kettleshulme & Taxal Edge from Lamaloadmoderate10.00
Walk 1371Rossendale Ramblemoderate12.00
White Peak - the Limestone Dales Miles
Walk 3018Cracknowl and the Monsal Trail from Bakewelleasy3.50
Walk 3046Lathkill Dale from Monyasheasy4.00
Walk 1369Tissington Trail - Hartington to Parsley Heyeasy4.00
Walk 1185Chrome Hill from Holinsclougheasy/moderate4.50
Walk 1475Bunster Hill and Dovedale from Ilameasy/moderate4.50
Walk 1021Milldale & Hall Dale from Alstonefieldeasy/moderate5.00
Walk 1861Chrome and Parkhouse Hills from Earl Sterndaleeasy/moderate5.00
Walk 1410Minninglow Hill, Roystone Grange and Cardlemere Laneeasy/moderate5.50
Walk 1042Pilsbury Castle from Hartingtoneasy/moderate5.50
Walk 1206Chelmorton & Flagg from Taddingtoneasy/moderate6.00
Walk 1862Earl Sterndale and High Wheeldon from Longnoreasy/moderate6.00
Walk 1589Lathkill & Bradford Dales (short version) easy/moderate6.00
Walk 1181The Manifold Valley & Wetton Hilleasy/moderate6.50
Walk 1709Milldale and Wolfscote Dale from Alstonefieldeasy/moderate6.50
Walk 2573Tideswell, Miller's & Cressbrook Dales from Littoneasy7.00
Walk 2537Ecton Hill & Wetton from Wetton Millmoderate7.00
Walk 3196Stanton Moor and Robin Hood's Stride from Winstereasy/moderate7.00
Walk 2531Upper Dove Valley from Hollinscloughmoderate7.50
Walk 1257Wolfscote Dale from Alstonefieldeasy/moderate7.50
Walk 3527Dovedale and the Manifold Valley from Ilammoderate7.50
Walk 2263Grindon & the Manifold Way from Waterhousesmoderate8.00
Walk 1043Chelmorton & the Monsal Traileasy/moderate8.10
Walk 1569Lathkill Dale & Bradford Dale easy/moderate8.20
Walk 1590Monyash & Lathkill Dales easy/moderate8.20
Walk 2545High Edge & Chrome Hill from Hollinscloughmoderate8.50
Walk 2559Stanton Moor & The Nine Ladies Stones from Winstermoderate9.00
Walk 1195A high-level Dovedale Routemoderate9.50
Walk 3455The Manifold Valley, Wetton and Dovedale from Ilammoderate9.50
Walk 2301Biggin & Parsley Hay from Hartingtoneasy/moderate9.50
Walk 2503Robin Hood's Stride & Stanton Moormoderate11.00
Walk 1146Bradford and Lathkill Dales from Monyashmoderate11.25
Walk 2627Cromford to Bakewellmoderate11.50
Walk 2798Bakewell to Edalemoderate/hard18.00
Dark Peak - Southern Sector - includes Kinder & Bleaklow Miles
Walk 1519Speedwell Cavern circular walk from Casteltoneasy4.25
Walk 1521Cave Dale and Winnats Pass from Castletoneasy4.50
Walk 2625Torside Clough from Longdendalemoderate4.50
Walk 1113Ringing Roger & Grindslow Knoll from Edalemoderate5.50
Walk 1706Win Hill from Hopeeasy/moderate6.50
Walk 1087Mam Tor & Cave Dale from Castletonmoderate6.50
Walk 1489Blackden Brook, Kinder, Crookstone Out Moor & Upper Ashopmoderate6.75
Walk 1368Mam Tor, Upper Booth and Rushup Edgemoderate7.00
Walk 2637Coombs Ridge, Cown Edge from Broadbottomeasy/moderate7.00
Walk 2522Rushup Edge & Edale from Mam Nickmoderate7.00
Walk 1174Kinder Low & Mount Famine from Hayfieldmoderate7.50
Walk 2591Crook Hill & Ladybower Reservoireasy/moderate7.50
Walk 2588Win Hill & Hope Crossmoderate7.50
Walk 2534Chinley Churn & South Headeasy/moderate7.50
Walk 1159Grindsbrook & Edale Head from Edalemoderate7.50
Walk 2635The edges of Combs Moss near Chapel-en-le-Fritheasy/moderate7.50
Walk 2514Fair Brook & Kinder Downfall from Birchen Cloughmoderate8.00
Walk 2546Lantern Pike & Cown Edge from Rowartheasy/moderate8.00
Walk 2507South Head & Edale Cross from Hayfieldmoderate8.00
Walk 1300Hope Cross & Ringing Roger from Edalemoderate8.00
Walk 1182Kinder Downfall from Hayfieldmoderate8.00
Walk 3027Bleaklow Head from Longendalemoderate8.00
Walk 3350The Summit of Kinder Scout via The Cloughsmoderate8.50
Walk 1213Alport Castles from Fairholmemoderate8.50
Walk 1227Fair Brook & Kinder Northern Edges from Birchen Cloughmoderate8.50
Walk 1286Castleton Ridge from Hope villagemoderate8.50
Walk 2595The Great Ridge from Edalemoderate8.50
Walk 3407Chinley to Edale without a carmoderate9.25
Walk 1168Bleaklow from Old Glossopmoderate9.50
Walk 2982Bleaklow & Higher Shelf Stones from the Snake Passmoderate/hard9.50
Walk 1264Rushup Edge & Crowden Tower from Edalemoderate10.00
Walk 2622The Sett Valley & edge of Kinder without a carmoderate10.00
Walk 1295Ringing Roger & Edale Cross from Edalemoderate10.00
Walk 1486Harry Hut, Mill Hill & Doctor's Gate from near Glossopmoderate11.30
Walk 1116Grains in the Water & Alport Castlesmoderate/hard12.00
Walk 3049Bleaklow Stones from King's Tree, Derwent Valleymoderate/hard12.00
Walk 2599Edale Circuit from Hopemoderate/hard13.50
Walk 2615The Kinder Edges from Edalemoderate/hard18.00
Walk 1697The Marsden to Edale Walkvery hard22.00
Dark Peak - Northern Sector - includes Black Hill Miles
Walk 2914The Pots & Pans from Uppermilleasy/moderate4.50
Walk 1401Hordron Road and the Little Don without a careasy/moderate5.00
Walk 1583Digley Reservoireasy/moderate5.00
Walk 3174Saltersbrook and Lady Cross from Woodheadeasy/moderate6.00
Walk 1179Lad's Leap & Laddow Rocksmoderate6.50
Walk 2634Broadstone Hill & the Cotton Famine Roadmoderate7.00
Walk 2517Chew Reservoir & Fox Stone from Dovestonesmoderate7.50
Walk 2553Greenfield Reservoir & Raven Stones from Dovestonemoderate8.00
Walk 3022Black Hill & Laddow Rocks from Crowdenmoderate9.00
Walk 1703Longdendale from Hadfield Stationeasy/moderate9.00
Walk 2630Upper Holme Valley & Ramsden Cloughmoderate9.00
Walk 2621Black Hill & Laddow Rocks from Crowdenmoderate9.00
Walk 1526Cats Clough Head & Outer Edgemoderate9.00
Walk 2561Digley & Ramsden Reservoirs from Wessenden Headmoderate9.50
Walk 2518Black Hill & Four Reservoirsmoderate10.00
Walk 2644Standedge Trail from Marsdenmoderate11.00
Walk 3401From Langsett to Crowden via Woodheadmoderate11.00
Walk 2613Marsden to Holmfirth, a Peak Dist. Boundary Walkmoderate13.00
Walk 2600Chew Reservoir & the Pennine Waymoderate/hard14.00
Walk 2359Cuckoo Walk & Bacon Butties from Marsdenhard19.50
Walk 2231The Eastern Edgeshard25.00
Eastern Moors & Gritstone Edges Miles
Walk 1580Redmires Reservoireasy2.50
Walk 1578Dale Dike Reservoireasy2.50
Walk 1581Langsett Reservoireasy3.00
Walk 1582More Hall Reservoireasy3.40
Walk 1169Baslow Edge & Wellington's Monumenteasy3.50
Walk 1579Damflask Reservoireasy3.50
Walk 1577Low Bradwell & Agden Reservoireasy3.50
Walk 1093Higger Tor & Burbage Rocks from Longshaweasy/moderate5.30
Walk 1523Broomhead Moor & Ewden Beckeasy/moderate6.00
Walk 3557Chatsworth Park from Calton Leeseasy/moderate6.50
Walk 2516Moscar, Dale Dike & Shrines Reservoirseasy/moderate7.00
Walk 1090Stanage Edge from Dennis Knoll, nr. Bamfordmoderate7.00
Walk 1270North and South of Abneyeasy/moderate7.20
Walk 1080Shatton Moor and Offerton from Bradwelleasy/moderate7.50
Walk 2515The River Derwent, Curbar, Baslow & Froggatt Edgeseasy/moderate7.50
Walk 1240Curbar, Froggatt & White Edges from Curbar Gapeasy/moderate8.00
Walk 1100Abney Moor & Bretton Clough from Hucklowmoderate8.50
Walk 2629Stanage Edge, Redmires & Hallam Moorseasy/moderate8.50
Walk 2548Stanage Edge from Hathersagemoderate8.50
Walk 2520Higger Tor & the Longshaw Estatemoderate9.00
Walk 1098Howden Edge from Derwent Valleymoderate9.00
Walk 1539Flask Edge and Bar Brook Moor from Shillito Woodmoderate9.40
Walk 1479Burbage Moor & Redmires on the Sheffield Country Walkeasy/moderate9.75
Walk 1014Coombs Dale, Longstone Edge and Pilsley without a carmoderate10.00
Walk 3540The Derwent Edge from Cutthroat Bridgemoderate10.00
Walk 1219Back Tor & the Wheel Stones from Fairholmemoderate10.25
Walk 1522Back Tor, Bradfield Moors and Reservoirsmoderate11.00
Walk 1273Burbage Rocks & Padley Gorge from Hay Woodmoderate11.00
Walk 1541Stanage & Ughill Moor moderate13.00

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