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Walks - Peak District

Map showing location of walks - Peak District

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Western Moors of Staffordshire & Cheshire Miles
1461Shutlingsloe from Trentabankeasy/mod3.00
2329The Disley Lanes from Lyme Parkeasy4.00
1596Lud's Church and Roach End from Gradbach easy/mod4.50
1652Three Shires Head from Danebower Hollow easy4.50
2523Black Rocks & Bollinhurst Reservoir from Disleyeasy5.00
1707The Roaches short circulareasy/mod5.00
3136Shining Tor & Goyt's Clough from Derbyshire Bridgeeasy/mod5.10
2567Lyme Park & Dissop Head from Disleyeasy6.00
2576Fernilee Reservoir, Goyt Valleyeasy6.00
2233Flash & Three Shires Head from Danebower Hollow easy/mod6.20
1481Dale Top (Park Moor) from Lyme Parkeasy6.25
1598Lud's Church, Back Forest & Clough Head from Gradbach easy/mod6.80
3030The Roaches & Lud's Churcheasy/mod7.00
2535Wildboarclough & Shutlingsloemoderate7.00
3510Shining Tor, Cats Tor & Foxlow Edgeeasy/mod7.00
3323Three Shires Head & Knotbury from Gradbach easy/mod7.10
1728Axe Edge Moor & Three Shires Headeasy/mod7.20
1474Park Moor and Birchencliff from Lyme Parkeasy/mod7.25
1178The Roaches and Lud's Churchmoderate7.25
1233Shining Tor & Windgather Rocks from Lamaloadmoderate7.50
2506Tegg's Nose from Trentabankmoderate7.50
2577Hawk's Nest, Goldstitch Moss & Lud's Churchmoderate8.00
2528Kettleshulme & Sponds Hillmoderate8.00
3197Flash, Knotbury & Three Shires Head from Gradbach easy/mod8.20
1092Taxal Edge, Jenkin Chapel & Pym Chair from Errwoodmoderate8.50
1288The Roaches & Hen Cloud from Tittesworth Reservoirmoderate8.50
1183Shining Tor & Axe Edge Moormoderate9.00
1502Shutlingsloe, Cat & Fiddle and Macclesfield Forestmoderate9.00
2557Lyme Park from Poyntonmoderate10.00
2527Kettleshulme & Taxal Edge from Lamaloadmoderate10.00
1371Rossendale Ramblemoderate12.00
White Peak - the Limestone Dales Miles
3131Thorpe Cloud and the Dove Valleyeasy1.60
3018Cracknowl and the Monsal Trail from Bakewelleasy3.50
2681The Manifold Valley from Wettoneasy/mod3.60
3046Lathkill Dale from Monyasheasy4.00
1369Tissington Trail - Hartington to Parsley Heyeasy4.00
1185Chrome Hill from Holinsclougheasy/mod4.50
1475Bunster Hill and Dovedale from Ilameasy/mod4.50
1861Chrome and Parkhouse Hills from Earl Sterndaleeasy/mod5.00
1021Milldale & Hall Dale from Alstonefieldeasy/mod5.00
1650Miller's Dale & Cressbrook Dale from Tideswell Daleeasy/mod5.50
1594Biggin, Wolfscote & Beresford Dales from Hartington easy5.50
1410Minninglow Hill, Roystone Grange and Cardlemere Laneeasy/mod5.50
1042Pilsbury Castle from Hartingtoneasy/mod5.50
2682River Dove & Reynard's Lane from Hartingtoneasy/mod5.60
1945Lathkill Dale from Over Haddoneasy/mod5.70
1589Lathkill & Bradford Dales (short version) easy/mod6.00
1206Chelmorton & Flagg from Taddingtoneasy/mod6.00
1862Earl Sterndale and High Wheeldon from Longnoreasy/mod6.00
1593Beresford, Wolfscote & Biggin Dales from Hartington easy/mod6.20
1709Milldale and Wolfscote Dale from Alstonefieldeasy/mod6.50
3341Brushfield, Miller's Dale & Monsal Head from Lees Bottom easy/mod6.50
1181The Manifold Valley & Wetton Hilleasy/mod6.50
2837Parkhouse & Chrome Hills from Longnoreasy/mod6.70
1595Dove Valley, Biggin Dale & Biggin from Hartington easy/mod6.80
2537Ecton Hill & Wetton from Wetton Millmoderate7.00
3196Stanton Moor and Robin Hood's Stride from Winstereasy/mod7.00
2573Tideswell, Miller's & Cressbrook Dales from Littoneasy7.00
1827Magpie Mine & Over Haddon from Ashford-in-the Water easy/mod7.10
2079Beresford & Wolfescote Dales from Hartingtoneasy/mod7.20
3527Dovedale and the Manifold Valley from Ilammoderate7.50
2531Upper Dove Valley from Hollinscloughmoderate7.50
1257Wolfscote Dale from Alstonefieldeasy/mod7.50
1653The Manifold Valley from Wetton easy/mod7.80
2263Grindon & the Manifold Way from Waterhousesmoderate8.00
1043Chelmorton & the Monsal Traileasy/mod8.10
1590Monyash & Lathkill Dale easy/mod8.20
1569Lathkill Dale & Bradford Dale easy/mod8.20
2545High Edge & Chrome Hill from Hollinscloughmoderate8.50
1651Monsal Trail & Ashford-in-the-Water from Lees Bottom easy/mod8.75
2559Stanton Moor & The Nine Ladies Stones from Winstermoderate9.00
2301Biggin & Parsley Hay from Hartingtoneasy/mod9.50
1195A high-level Dovedale Walkmoderate9.50
3455The Manifold Valley, Wetton and Dovedale from Ilammoderate9.50
2723Pilsbury Castle, Hartington & Sheen from Longnor easy/mod9.60
2503Robin Hood's Stride & Stanton Moormoderate11.00
1146Bradford and Lathkill Dales from Monyashmoderate11.25
2627Cromford to Bakewellmoderate11.50
2798Bakewell to Edalemod/hard18.00
Dark Peak - Southern Sector - includes Kinder & Bleaklow Miles
1831Mam Tor & Hollins Cross easy3.00
1519Speedwell Cavern circular from Casteltoneasy4.25
1521Cave Dale and Winnats Pass from Castletoneasy4.50
2625Torside Clough from Longdendalemoderate4.50
3426Lose Hill & Hollins Cross from Castleton easy/mod5.00
1113Ringing Roger & Grindslow Knoll from Edalemoderate5.50
1665Hollins Cross & Lose Hill from Castleton easy/mod6.00
1087Mam Tor & Cave Dale from Castletonmoderate6.50
1706Win Hill from Hopeeasy/mod6.50
1923Cown Edge & Whiteley Nab from Chunal easy/mod6.50
1489Blackden Brook, Kinder & Upper Ashopmoderate6.75
1368Mam Tor, Upper Booth and Rushup Edgemoderate7.00
2522Rushup Edge & Edale from Mam Nickmoderate7.00
2637Coombs Ridge, Cown Edge from Broadbottomeasy/mod7.00
1686Cown Edge from Broadbottom easy/mod7.30
1759Torside Clough & Longendale from Old Glossopmoderate7.40
2588Win Hill & Hope Crossmoderate7.50
1159Grindsbrook & Edale Head from Edalemoderate7.50
2635The edges of Combs Moss near Chapel-en-le-Fritheasy/mod7.50
1174Kinder Low & Mount Famine from Hayfieldmoderate7.50
2591Crook Hill & Ladybower Reservoireasy/mod7.50
2534Chinley Churn & South Headeasy/mod7.50
2507South Head & Edale Cross from Hayfieldmoderate8.00
1182Kinder Downfall from Hayfieldmoderate8.00
2514Fair Brook & Kinder Downfall from Birchen Cloughmoderate8.00
2546Lantern Pike & Cown Edge from Rowartheasy/mod8.00
1300Hope Cross & Ringing Roger from Edalemoderate8.00
3027Bleaklow Head from Longdendalemoderate8.00
3350The Summit of Kinder Scout via The Cloughsmoderate8.50
1286Castleton Ridge from Hope villagemoderate8.50
1227Fair Brook & Kinder Northern Edges from Birchen Cloughmoderate8.50
2595The Great Ridge from Edalemoderate8.50
1213Alport Castles from Fairholmemoderate8.50
1688Old Dam & Sparrowpit from Mam Tor moderate9.00
3407Chinley to Edale without a carmoderate9.25
3238Fairbrook Naze & Ashop Head from Birchen Cloughmoderate9.30
2982Bleaklow & Higher Shelf Stones from the Snake Passmod/hard9.50
1168Bleaklow from Old Glossopmoderate9.50
2622The Sett Valley & edge of Kinder without a carmoderate10.00
1295Ringing Roger & Edale Cross from Edalemoderate10.00
1264Rushup Edge & Crowden Tower from Edalemoderate10.00
1756Bleaklow & The Longendale Trail from Woodheadmod/hard10.00
1486Harry Hut, Mill Hill & Doctor's Gate from near Glossopmoderate11.30
3298Oyster Clough & Blackden Edge from Birchen Cloughmoderate11.40
1116Grains in the Water & Alport Castlesmod/hard12.00
3049Bleaklow Stones from King's Tree, Derwent Valleymod/hard12.00
2599Kinder, Edale and Castleton Ridge from Hopemod/hard13.50
2615The Kinder Edges from Edalemod/hard18.00
1697Marsden to Edale challengevery hard22.00
Dark Peak - Northern Sector - includes Black Hill Miles
2914The Pots & Pans from Uppermilleasy/mod4.50
1401Hordron Road and the Little Don without a careasy/mod5.00
1583Digley Reservoireasy/mod5.00
3174Saltersbrook and Lady Cross from Woodheadeasy/mod6.00
1179Lad's Leap & Laddow Rocksmoderate6.50
2634Broadstone Hill & the Cotton Famine Roadmoderate7.00
2517Chew Reservoir & Fox Stone from Dovestonesmoderate7.50
2553Greenfield Reservoir & Raven Stones from Dovestonemoderate8.00
2826Winscar Reservoir circuit from Dunford Bridge moderate8.90
1526Cats Clough Head & Outer Edgemoderate9.00
3022Black Hill & Laddow Rocks from Crowdenmoderate9.00
1695Flouch & Winscar easy/mod9.00
2630Upper Holme Valley & Ramsden Cloughmoderate9.00
2621Crowden, Black Hill & Laddow Rocksmoderate9.00
1829Holme & Marsden Clough from Ramsden Reservoir moderate9.00
1703Longdendale from Hadfield Stationeasy/mod9.00
2561Digley & Ramsden Reservoirs from Wessenden Headmoderate9.50
2518Black Hill & Four Reservoirsmoderate10.00
3401From Langsett to Crowden via Woodheadmoderate11.00
2644Marsden and the Standedge Trailmoderate11.00
2613Boundary Walk from Marsden to Holmfirthmoderate13.00
2600Chew Reservoir & the Pennine Waymod/hard14.00
2359Cuckoo Walk & Bacon Butties from Marsdenhard19.50
2231The Eastern Edgeshard25.00
Eastern Moors & Gritstone Edges Miles
1580Redmires Reservoireasy2.50
1578Dale Dike Reservoireasy2.50
1581Langsett Reservoireasy3.00
1582More Hall Reservoireasy3.40
1579Damflask Reservoireasy3.50
1169Baslow Edge & Wellington's Monumenteasy3.50
1577Low Bradwell & Agden Reservoireasy3.50
1754Agden Reservoir circulareasy/mod4.80
1093Higger Tor & Burbage Rocks from Longshaweasy/mod5.30
1523Broomhead Moor & Ewden Beckeasy/mod6.00
3557Chatsworth Park from Calton Leeseasy/mod6.50
2516Moscar, Dale Dike & Shrines Reservoirseasy/mod7.00
1090Stanage Edge from Dennis Knoll, nr. Bamfordmoderate7.00
1270North and South of Abneyeasy/mod7.20
1080Shatton Moor and Offerton from Bradwelleasy/mod7.50
2515The River Derwent, Curbar, Baslow & Froggatt Edgeseasy/mod7.50
1240Curbar, Froggatt & White Edges from Curbar Gapeasy/mod8.00
3439High Bradfield from Glen Howemoderate8.30
2548Stanage Edge from Hathersagemoderate8.50
2629Stanage Edge, Redmires & Hallam Moorseasy/mod8.50
1100Abney Moor & Bretton Clough from Hucklowmoderate8.50
2520Higger Tor & the Longshaw Estatemoderate9.00
1539Flask Edge and Bar Brook Moor from Shillito Woodmoderate9.40
1285Rod Moor from Dungworth Circularmoderate9.40
3330Rivelin Valley from Malin Bridge easy/mod9.70
1479Sheffield Country Walk - Burbage Moor & Redmireseasy/mod9.75
2235Bamford & Stanage Edges from Rod Side moderate9.90
3540The Derwent Edge from Cutthroat Bridgemoderate10.00
1014Coombs Dale, Longstone Edge & Pilsleymoderate10.00
1219Back Tor & the Wheel Stones from Fairholmemoderate10.25
1273Burbage Rocks & Padley Gorge from Hay Woodmoderate11.00
1522Back Tor, Bradfield Moors and Reservoirsmoderate11.00
1687Broomhead & Howden Moors moderate12.40
3436Hillsborough to Bradfield & Loxley Valleymoderate12.60
1541Stanage & Ughill Moor moderate13.00
1098Howden Edge from Derwent Valleymod/hard14.00


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