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Photos from Staffordshire - Page 2

The images listed here are all taken from the walks featured on this website.

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Images from the Walks
132702The bomb crater at Fauld with warning signs
132703The memorial to those who dies from the explosion at Fauld
132704Information board about explosion at Fauld
132705Remains of the military presence at Fauld
132706Looking northeast from Fauld over the Trent Valley
134801The Heart of England Way descends to the Sherbrook Valley
134802Sherbrook Valley, Cannock Chase
134803View of Sherbrook Valley, Cannock Chase
134804The Staffordshire Way, Sherbrook Valley, Cannock Chase
134805The Heart of England Way, Cannock Chase
134806The Katyn Memorial, Cannock Chase
137001Descending to Sherbrook Valley from the Punch Bowl
137002The "German Cutting" near Milford
137003On the Heart of England Way climbing to Coppice Hill
137004Staffordshire Way descending into the Sherbrook Valley
137005Typical open heathland of Cannock Chase
137006The Staffordshire Way in the Sherbrook Valley
137007The Sherbrook Valley, Cannock Chase
137008The stepping stones across the Sherbrook
137009Typical Cannock Chase woodland with Silver Birches
137501Blithfield Estate - path through the woods
137502Blithfield Estate - view over Blithfield Reservoir
137503Blithfield Estate - view across Blithfield Reservoir
139401Canal boats at Acton Trussell
141301View from the Heart of England Way on Cannock Chase
141302Cannock Chase above the Sherbrook Valley
141303Freda's Grave on Cannock Chase
141304The Staffordshire Way on Cannock Chase
141305The Heart of England Way crosses Cannock Chase
141306Maturing deciduous woodland on Cannock Chase
147503Thorpe Cloud seen from Bunster Hill
159601The Dane Valley at Gradbach
159602Rocky outcrop near Lud's Church
159603The landscape near Lud's Church
159604Looking to the Roaches from Back Forest
159605The Cloud from Back Forest
159606The Roaches from Back Forest
159801The River Dane near Gradbach
159802The Dane Valley from near Lud's Church
159803Looking east onto Back Forest
159804The view towards the Roaches from Back Forest
159805The rocky crags along Back Forest
159806Looking west towards The Cloud
159807Descent from Roach End towards Gradbach
159808Mature woodland below Roach End
159809Gradbach & the River Dane
165201The old packhorse bridge at Three Shires Head
165301The track leading from Wetton to Thors Cave
165302The Manifold Valley from Thors Cave
165303Thors Cave in the Manifold Valley
165304On the Manifold Trail near Weags Bridge
165305Footpath sign on the way to Throwley Hall
165306Looking down to Beeston Tor
165307Throwley Old Hall
165308The Manifold Valley from Throwley Hall
165309Looking across the Manifold Valley to Castern Hall
165310Bunster Hill from near Rushley Bridge
165311Beeston Tor from near Castern
165312Beeston Tor from near Wetton
170701Hen Cloud from path to the Roaches

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