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Paramo Directional Clothing Systems

We all have our own personal choice when it comes to outdoor clothing. Many of us see a pair of shorts as just that and provided they fit reasonably well and look durable then out comes the plastic and we have acquired some new gear!

A few weeks ago a parcel arrived from Paramo. Inside were a pair of shorts and a shirt ready for review. First impressions always count and I must admit that they seemed well constructed and lightweight - prefect for summer walking. It was also quickly apparent that Paramo clothing is trendy. The colours, Ink for shorts and Sage for the shirt, were modern and distinct from virtually everything else in what can be a crowded market.

Paramo Directional Clothing SystemsShort sleeved shirt designed for summer walking and outdoor activities. Interestingly the shirt is UV resistant something that other manufacturers are now featuring. The two pockets and concealed zip pocket were all of adequate size. Made from 'Parameta A', which Paramo describe as a microfibre polyester that rapidly spreads water horizontally over a large area to provide maximum evaporation and cooling at higher temperatures. Weight is a very commendable 280g and with an ARP of £45 you should expect above average performance.

Paramo Directional Clothing SystemsThese shorts are very light weighing in at 205g. Mesh lined to reduce weight and speed drying, two large pockets made these perfect for a day in the hills. Made from the same 'Parameta A' fabric they fitted perfectly. For those of you who carry pouches rather than use a rucksack then these shorts are designed with that scenario in mind. The RRP of £40 reflects the quality and likely performance.


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The garments were not field tested and only subject to a visual inspection. To summarise the following were considered as the most important features:-
- trendy colours
- excellent detail and practical design
- lightweight

Despite Paramo's reputation for quality clothing one area that needs attention is their on-line selling. Their own site does not have a shopping area and visitors are forwarded to a list of on-line retailers. Some of these sites were very disappointing with one even displaying 'Foot and Mouth' information. Many were slow with those annoying splash screen graphics that you never want to see and one contained text displayed as graphics! However there are a couple of good sites although you might go elsewhere before you find them .....

Review date - 1st August 2002 - Reviewed by LJ & KS

Visit the Paramo web site

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