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Gear Review - Sorbothane Insoles

Sorbothane InsolesSorbothane insoles have long been the insole of choice for many walkers and runners. With a wide range of products designed to absorb foot impact shock, there are insoles for most sports applications.

According to the manufacturer, Sorbothane insoles will absorb up to 94.7% of foot impact, reducing your exposure to injuries and ensuring a comfy ride on those long walks. The material that these insoles are made from, Sorbothane, is a synthetic material that mimics the characteristics of human flesh. Its structure allows it to recover shape almost instantly after each ‘shock’ and when used as an insole absorbs a huge amount of the shock waves caused by the heel striking hard surfaces.

For walking, the insoles are ideal as they help prevent injuries and reduce the impact on your joints which can alleviate existing conditions. They are very good at minimising the ‘jarring’ effect that can run up your body when walking in rocky conditions.

The insoles come in 2 different types:

Insoles - These are general purpose shock absorbing insoles for use in all types of walking shoes and hiking boots (as long as you can replace the standard insole, or have a little room to lay the ‘prosole’ version on top).

Heel pads - These have all the shock absorbing capabilities, but have the added convenience that they are lightweight and can be quickly changed between footwear.

Sorbothane also have a range of cheaper insoles that retail at £4.99 that are an ideal replacement for worn out high mileage walking boots.

Review date - 28th January 2008- Reviewed by LB

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