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Book Review - The Photographer's Guide to the Peak District

Book cover imagePublished by Long Valley Books, this is one of a series of covering the scenic areas of Britain with other titles covering the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales.

I was forewarned that a review copy would be arriving and I wondered what might set these books apart from others of similar genre. Pleasantly surprised, the contents are well presented in a logical manner and should go a long way to help walkers take images that they are proud of.

Obviously there are many illustrations all of which are of high quality in terms of content and technical expertise. It is what additional information that the books provide which sets them apart.

The Peak District i broken into four geographic sectors - north, south, east and west. Each image is then supported by informative text, how to get to the location with OS grid references provided. Overall 53 locations are identified and described ion detail from some popular walking destinations such as Kinder Scout to lesser know locations within the National Park.

The appendices contain extra information including sunrise and sunset times throughout the year, the position of the sun at sunrise and sunset through each month and a summary of the locations and their ease of access.

Ellen Bowness of the owner of this publishing firm and is in her first year of operation. Judging from the quality of her first books, she has a great future in the industry and I wish her well.

Star imageStar imageStar imageStar imageStar image Rating - an excellent book that will help improve your photography skills when out walking.

For further information visit Long Valley Books

Review date – 20th September 2014 - Reviewed by LJ

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