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Sludge Hall & Cold Newton Grange from Billesdon Walk

Author - David McMahon

Length - 5.5 miles / 8.9 km

Ascent - 750 feet / 227 metres

Grade - easy

Start - OS grid reference SK719028
Lat 52.618219 + Long -0.939424
Postcode LE7 9AR (approx. location only)

Billesdon is a village situated 9 miles east of Leicester south of the A47. Centrebus provides a bus service linking Leicester to Uppingham (route 747). There is ample on street parking in the village but do park with courtesy so as not to inconvenience local residents and traders.

Starting from the north side of the Market Place head up Long Lane until you reach a farm track. Go up it; through an awkward gate and then go slightly diagonally left across the field to the A47 main road. Cross the A47 and take the track upwards to the right. At the top turn left and follow the headland through to the next field boundary. Into the next field and take the track downwards to the right. When you are almost at the bottom divert off to the left and over the stile into the next field. Go slightly diagonally right to its corner and then diagonally right across a bridge, up a slight slope and then head upwards across the field aiming for the yellow post on the opposite boundary. Do likewise for the second field and follow the footpath as it passes through an area of shrubbery. With the next field it is better to, at first, aim for the line of trees on the horizon and then aim for the yellow post when it comes into sight on Tilton Lane (grid ref. SK721050).

Turn left and take the footpath off to the right. Go past the Scout Camp and aim for a play area to the right. Climb the stile and turn immediately left and follow the fence line. When it ends go diagonally right past the telegraph pole, descend the steep slope, go over an awkward stile and through a wrought iron gate onto the driveway to Sludge Hall. Go through the gate's twin sister and when into the field turn right and walk down to Enderbys Lane (grid ref. SK720056).

Turn left and walk down to the bridleway sign (grid ref. SK718058). Follow the bridleway along the tarmac until it goes left into Cold Newton Grange. Here carry straight along the side of the hedgerow into the next field. Pass through a farm gate and almost immediately go right through the hedgerow and turn left until you reach another farm gate. Go through this gate and another immediately afterwards to pass into a field. Walk along until you reach the edge of the enclosure of Cold Newton Lodge.

Here you have a choice. You can turn left and take a footpath which crosses the driveway to the Lodge and eventually leads onto Tilton Lane (grid ref. SK712047), or you can carry straight on along the bridleway until you reach the field boundary where you turn left onto the aforementioned driveway and then turn right along it until you reach a minor road (grid ref. SK709047).

Turn right along it and then left along the track signed 'No Through Road' (grid ref. SK706048). Carry on along the track until you reach the hedge boundary. Turn sharp left and walk diagonally across the field to the yellow post on the edge of the wood. Walk along the track through the wood to the minor road (grid ref., SK706044). Turn right along the lane and then left onto the footpath passing Billesdon Coplow. Continue straight along the driveway, go slightly right through the buildings and then pass through the gate marked 'Keepers Cottages'. Into the field and aim to the right of the wooden shed. Once you reach it you will see a stile into the next field. Carry on diagonally right along this well-marked footpath, over two footbridges and then between two enclosures. After them you will see an isolated stile. Go to the right of it and turn left and into the next field. Turn right and follow the hedge to a series of steps which will bring you up onto the A47.

Cross the A47 and carry on along a footpath up a slight slope. When you reach the edge of the field go left along the passageway and onto a side road. Turn right and down to the junction and a left turn will bring you back to the Market Place.

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