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Walk 2545 - printer friendly version

High Edge & Chrome Hill from Hollinsclough Walk

Author - Mike Bexley

Length - 8.5 miles / 13.8 km

Ascent - 1400 feet / 424 metres

Grade - moderate

Start - OS grid reference SK065665
Lat 53.195544 + Long -1.904164
Postcode SK17 0RH (approx. location only)

The limestone mass of Chrome Hill dominates Hollinsclough and provides a focus for this excellent Peak District walk. This hike takes you up the higher reaches of the pretty River Dove with the reward of standing on the top of Chrome Hill towards the end. The route is very descriptive due to the scarcity of signposts and footpath markers.

From Hollinsclough Village (Grid ref. 065665) walk up the road to the left of the Chapel turning right at the first footpath. Do not proceed down hill but take the footpath veering left that contours across the flank of Hollinsclough Rake. At Moorside follow the wall turning right through a gap to pass a ruined barn continuing down to Washgate Ford and the Packhorse Bridge (Grid ref. 052673), a classic location for the camera. In years gone by the local farmers washed their sheep here prior to shearing.

Cross over the bridge, continuing up the stony lane turning left at the first footpath to follow the right bank of the upper reaches of the River Dove. On reaching the next bridge proceed up the footpath ahead, across a field to a wall stile. Careful navigation is required in this area and the OS Explorer map is useful in some respects. You should stay on the marked rights of way (green dotted lines) rather than use the dotted 'other paths' shown on the map. Continue straight on passing Howe Green Farm which should be away to your right (Grid ref. 048682 ) to join a bridleway that drops down past the ruins of Brand End Farm to a stone slab over a brook.

Walk up the field ahead turning left through the gate posts. Continue for a short way along this bridleway then it's down to the wet left hand corner of the field (Grid ref. 050687) and over the stile, keeping to the right of a small brook. On reaching a footpath indicator post climb up the bank on the right. Go over a broken stile in the fence and continue up the field towards the buildings turning left to follow the fence. Turn right through the stone gap and left over the wide low stile. Keep straight on until you reach a small pond. The path has been diverted here so it is not shown on the map. Turn right after the pond climbing up the field to the drive. Cross the stile and go left down to Fairthorn (Grid ref. 042692).

Continue past the buildings to reach a wide path through a gorge with the stream low down on your left. At the bridge turn right, climbing up and keeping straight on over the moor to reach a road (Grid ref. 043698). Cross over the road and continue down the bridleway to the buildings at Turncliff. On the way down you pass sentry type boxes and large industrial footpath signs. This is because you are entering the boundaries of the Health & Safety Executive's Explosive Laboratory. Keep smiling as you are no doubt on camera.

Continue past the buildings down to their private road, which used to be a railway line. Turn right, passing the traffic lights, then right again through a cutting to follow the footpath to Grid ref. 053693. Turn right here up the field to the road. On reaching the road turn left towards High Edge Raceway. Just after the cattle grid turn right along the lane passing the directions to Booth Farm. Turn right (Grid ref. 065683) towards Stoop Farm. Do not go as far as the farm but turn left prior to going down hill and use the concessionary path that follows the fence. Turn right at the footpath post heading downhill and go left over the stile.

The clear onward footpath climbs up to Chrome Hill with views all the way. Take care as in wet conditions limestone can be very slippery. Continue along the spine of Chrome Hill dropping down the steep side to reach a farm lane (Grid ref. 077671). Parkhouse Hill ahead has no right of way for walkers although a quick ascent might be tempting! Instead turn right along the lane in the direction of Glutton Bridge and right again at the next lane. This heads back across the River Dove and leads you west. Stay on this track to reach a road. Turn right and you are soon back at the start in Hollinsclough.

Walk 2545 Route Map

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