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Walk 3686 - printer friendly version

Dormston from Inkberrow Circular Walk

Author - Millennium Way

Length - 5.4 miles / 8.8 km

Ascent - 220 feet / 67 metres

Grade - easy

Start - OS grid reference SP014572
Lat 52.2130160 + Long -1.9809285
Postcode WR7 4DY (approx. location only)

This short circular Worcestershire walk starts from the green in delightful village of Inkberrow. The walk is mostly flat and crosses some delightful farmland with an opportunity to visit Inkberrow Church dating from the 13th century and take refreshments at a choice of pubs in the village. For part of the walk, you will enjoy the delights of The Millennium Way.

A From the village green (grid ref. SP014572) turn left down the main A422 road past Lilac Cottage turning right into Stonepit Lane and continuing gently uphill past Greens Croft Way. After 200 paces turn right to take a public footpath immediately after house number 22. Keep ahead on grassed path soon to walk with hedge left and houses right, eventually crossing a stile where you will see a green Millennium Way way marker. Go with hedge left for 70 paces to where the hedge ends to find a small waymarked post on left. (Having just joined the Millennium Way you will now leave it, so DO NOT bear over to the right to the way post). Turn left at the hedge corner to large field and then go immediately diagonally very slightly right, ignoring any path diagonally right across field, to reach a narrow hedge gap, with a finger post, to road. (If it is heavily cropped and to avoid taking the wrong line you may wish to walk around two sides of field with hedge left looking carefully on the second side to take the narrow hedge gap on left).

B Go through kissing gate on opposite side of road, then immediately right through wooden 5 bar gate to go diagonally across the large field (sometimes this field has temporary electrified paddock fencing with blue insulated hand hooks to allow safe passage) Go through the metal kissing gate ahead, then stay on the same line to pass under power lines to find a second metal kissing gate at the field corner. Take the kissing gate to next field and continue along field edge on an ill-defined path with hedge right to pass under power cables. Approx. 200 paces after passing under the power cables look out for a wide hedge gap on right. (Take special care not to miss this gap - the gap is about 40 paces after the second lone tree). Take gap then go immediately left to continue on same line but now with hedge left passing under power cables again, to reach vehicle track at the field corner gap. Cross track and continue down field with hedge left to eventually cross a double stile footbridge. Continue around next field keeping hedge left. After approximately 250 yds (just past a group of trees) you come to a very narrow hidden hedge gap on left where a path joins. Ignore the gap and turn immediately right up field keeping hedge far left. (If the farmer has not reinstated this path just carry on forward to walk around edge of field keeping hedge left.) Aim for the end of the left-hand hedge, where there is a waymark in the hedge, then at this point turn left going across a large gap and then keep hedge left to find corner fence stile. Take stile into next field then keep fence left across field towards small open barn. Take gate / gap just to right of the barn then go forward to reach the T- junction and turn left along the track.

C Continue down this farm access track to reach road then turn left. Pass by entrance to Stockwood Lodge Farm, (ignore wooden bridge left) and continue past farm buildings and green railings to enter a very large field. Stay on same heading directly across the large field towards the line of trees to reach a way post at hedge gap. Continue through this wide gap into next field, cross the field in between two lone trees to reach edge of wood where there is another way post at the corner. Turn left here following the bridleway keeping wood on your right. Coming to another way post follow the way marker direction slightly left across the field on an undefined path. On reaching the wood, bear left to follow around to a gap 10 paces past the field corner, where you will see another way post. Turn right at the way post keeping wood right. At the corner of field turn right for a few paces then left to find lane behind hedge. Go down lane keeping Orchard Cottage on right eventually reaching an attractive church in Dormston. Go past the church to T-junction and turn left onto Dormston Lane.

D Continue along the road for 1/2 mile passing the entrance to Dormston Manor and crossing stream in dip to go uphill to reach Hill Farm House Bed and Breakfast on right and Hill Farm on left.

E Next to Hill Farm we turn left through fence gap by metal gate. You have now re-joined The Millennium Way and will again see the familiar green way markers. At the end of the outbuildings continue ahead for a little while with hedge left to field edge gap. Continue ahead with hedge left and, at the end of the hedge, find way post and bear diagonally left across field, to find a barely visible yellow topped way post 15 paces in from corner of field. Enter small coppice veering slightly left to exit by gate into right hand field. Go diagonally across centre of field towards another barely visible yellow topped way marker post at top of field just to left of copse of trees. Go through gap and then cross field diagonally left to go towards farm buildings under two sets of power cables to reach wide gated gap with visible way post tucked in field corner.

F Go through gated gap following green Millennium Way way marker then go forward to cross narrow track towards fence. Stay with fence and farm garden right to reach and take a large metal gate. Go slightly left to take a further metal gate to then walk a further 30 paces to turn right by waymarked post. Continue around back of farm buildings going between open storage barn on you left but staying close to the large, roofed barn on your right. After passing between the barns, cross the farm track then over fence stile to bear slightly right to corner of field ahead. At the corner take care over the double stile and wooden bridge (often overgrown & bridge needs some repair work) into next field. Go directly across field to take stile and ditch bridge. Go diagonally left across field to find and take stile in hidden hedge gap. Stay with hedge left and large gardens right to take wooden gate in corner of field then stay ahead on rough track past houses to take further small wooden gate to left of a five-bar gate. Continue on track to the road then go slightly left to cross road to take steps up to alleyway between properties and continue past recently built housing until the walkway ends at the public footpath you previously walked out on at the start of Section A. You now leave the Millennium Way which goes left. Turn right and retrace your steps by turning right, then turn left down Stonepit Lane to reach the main road. Turn left again to arrive back at the village green. There are two pubs and a village shop nearby.

Walk 3686 Route Map

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