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Where to Walk Regional Guides

This section provides links to descriptions of national parks, areas and other destinations that provide good walks and walking.

National Parks

Provide some of the best walking in the UK. The National Parks generally benefit from a well developed footpath network with above average waymarking. The infrastructure provided for visitors is usually above average. Scenic interest high with some challenging routes in mountainous areas.

Other Important Areas for Walking

Although smaller in scale, these areas offer walkers many outstanding opportunities. Often less well known they can be less crowded at busy times of the year. Many of these areas are designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) with some AONBs split into smaller sub-sections.

National Trails & Long Distance Paths

These provide extended opportunities for walking either by completing the full length of the trail or by doing circular walks based on shorter sections. In addition there are many other long distance footpaths that are not considered to be National Trails that are included in this section.

Where to Walk - Outside of Mainland UK

This section provides links to descriptions of national parks, areas and other destinations outside of mainland UK, but within the British Isles, that provide good walks and walking.

In the coming months the list of destinations will be gradually extended to provide wider coverage of the UK, and Overseas, including towns and villages that make ideal walking centres. The World is so large that this section will never be exhaustive and information is always welcome from places throughout the World that offer great walks in great scenery or through interesting areas.

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