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Walk 3710 - printer friendly version

Burton Green & Beechwood Circular Walk

Author - Millennium Way

Length - 5.8 miles / 9.4 km

Ascent - 250 feet / 76 metres

Grade - easy/mod

Start - OS grid reference SP272766
Lat 52.3867580 + Long -1.6017731
Postcode CV4 8AN (approx. location only)

This Warwickshire circular walk covers a delightful area of countryside crossing fairly flat farmland, some woodland and quiet lanes. The walk incorporates a section of the Millennium Way, where you will be guided by the distinctive black Millennium Way way markers. HS2 is affecting some of the footpaths on this circular walk and this alternative route avoids most of the disruption.

A - Our walk starts from The Hickory Smoke House in Burton Green, where you can park if you intend to use the pub afterwards. Section A has been curtailed and the map above has not yet been updated. With your back to the pub turn right and walk along Cromwell Road for approximately 0.75 mile. This road becomes Hob Lane, which you continue along, to walk past Burton Green Primary School.

B - 200 yards after the school, where the road bends gently right, go left by the way mark sign following the route named Birmingham Road (ignore footpath right). Stay along private drive and just before a white house named "Stile End" take a gated gap on left and then immediately right through a kissing gate into field. Stay directly forward here taking the right-hand footpath and keeping close to trees on your right. Take kissing gate in corner of field and stay on same heading to reach field corner with stile and adjacent gap. Take the gap into next field then go half left diagonally across field. Keep going diagonally across this very large field aiming in the distance for the gap between the second and third pylons from the left. Eventfully you will reach a gated footbridge approx. 80 yards in from the left corner of field. Take the double gated footbridge then go left to pass double power poles through gap into another field. Continue along line of power lines with hedge right to take kissing gate to main road.

C - Cross directly over main road and continue up driveway of Rudfyn Manor signed Meer End 1 mile. Just a few yards after passing large pylon on left and under power lines you will reach a driveway on your left. Here we join The Millennium Way. Opposite the driveway turn directly right to cross a field passing exactly 10 yards to the left of a large solitary oak tree. Crops may make this field difficult. Stay ahead across field aiming for a yellow topped way post by field corner edge, where you will notice a distinctive black Millennium Way way marker. Follow the way marker slightly right then after 10 paces take gap left and immediately right to stay up field with hedge right. Follow around field edge up field to far mid hedge stile. Take stile and go over ditch bridge and second stile. Stay ahead across field to take metal gate then go across centre of next field to far right corner to find way marker and two kissing gates. Take both kissing gates and go ahead with hedge right to find and take a metal kissing gate right. Go ahead over centre of field and take gateway to main road.

D - Cross over main road and turn left, then almost immediately right take stile into tree lined copse to field. Go with hedge left, then take corner kissing gate and go right, hugging two sides of field to far field corner stile. Cross stile and ditch bridge then go diagonally left across field to hedge gap by large oak tree, then ahead to find field corner gate. Take gate and cross ditch bridge to driveway. Cross driveway and take kissing gate to left of gateway. Go left with hedge left to find and take field corner stile. Go right with hedge right to exit via field gap. After gap, go left with hedge left to field corner. Remain in field (ignoring stile L) and go right keeping hedge left passing under power lines to find field corner ditch bridge. Take ditch bridge and go with hedge left to take kissing gate to road (Hob Lane.)

E - Here we join the temporary diversion of The Millennium Way. Turn right on Hob Lane and after approx. 50 paces turn left into the driveway of Beanit Farm - The Old Granary. After 60 paces take wooden gate on right, just past the telegraph pole, then cross footbridge over ditch to take a further wooden gate. Stay along narrow enclosed footpath to cross another small wooden bridge then turn right to reach wide track. Go left here and stay on track. Where the track narrows, stay forward to exit via metal kissing gate to join a newly constructed track known as The Greenway. Turn sharp left here on the track walking away from the overhead power cables. Stay on fenced track which weaves right & left at various points to arrive at a pedestrian crossing at a main road (Waste Lane.) Go over the pedestrian crossing and turn right up the road to carefully walk up the grass verge (Please take extra care on this road which is often busy).

Go past another entrance to Little Beanit Farm and stay ahead on road to cross railway bridge (the proposed line of HS2). Once over the bridge, continue ahead on grass verge passing a bus stop & red posting box. Just past Field House, by the large road sign, take the public footpath on left down narrow passageway bordered by wooden fencing. At the end of the passageway go over stile and go left with hedge left to take corner double stile. Stay forward to take next stile, or through adjacent gated gap, keeping hedge & fence left to reach the corner. Take stile and go right to reach road (Hodgett's Lane.)

F - Here we leave The Millennium Way and turn right on road to reach a crossroads. Continue over crossroads (signed Burton Green) and after a further 100 yards find kissing gate left. Take kissing gate and follow direction of waymark towards two large trees ahead (one behind the other), skirting just to the right of a mound. Just before you reach the first tree (on which you will see a way marker), go diagonally left. You are heading for the field corner kissing gate, with adjacent five bar gate (but you may find the need first to go through a kissing gate inserted in an electric fence if this is operational). Take kissing gate (or open gate) then stay ahead, very gently uphill to reach two large metal gates ahead, located under power lines. Take the corner stile adjacent to the large gate on your left into field. Walk ahead more or less parallel to power lines for 200 yards to reach a waymark post by a telephone pole. Here we turn right (there is a way marker on the wooden pen) and pass up field between the wooden pen left and a lone tree right. Keep ahead across the field aiming well right of white house, to find a kissing gate to the right of the house whose garden sticks out into the field. Take kissing gate and stay along driveway past houses to reach road. Turn right on road and shortly you will arrive back at your starting point, The Hickory Smokehouse.

Walk 3710 Route Map

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