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Millennium Way Walking Guide

This long distance footpath is of recent development and covers a 100 mile section of England's glorious countryside in the South Midlands. Like all walks of this type there is ever changing scenery, charming villages and much more of interest.

Millennium Way

This 100-mile walk wends its way through the very centre of England and its glorious countryside. The walk, created to celebrate the Millennium by members of the National Association of ex-Round Tablers, extends from Middleton Cheney, Nothamptonshire in the east to Pershore, Worcestershire in the west. It makes maximum use of public rights of way and avoids roads wherever possible. Whilst the walking is not too demanding, it in no way diminishes the walk's charm and those that complete the distance will be fully rewarded not only by the achievement but by some outstandingly memorable scenery. The more determined walkers can complete the route - identified by its distinctive waymark - in five days, but those with more time at their disposal and favour a more leisurely approach will experience a whole spectrum of experiences from the historic to the atmospheric taking in a whole host of memorable views and vistas.

The walk directions allow the traveller to start at either end of the walk, but for no apparent reason the east to west route appears to be the more popular. Middleton Cheney, situated north of Banbury is one of the larger towns in South Northamptonshire is a mix of the modern and historic. It is certainly worth discovering the hidden 17th and 18th century cottages and All Saints Church with its unique roof painting by William Morris. Walk steadily west into Warwickshire and the canal-side village of Napton with its impressive windmill dominating the skyline. Now the canal, constructed in the 18th century, leads you into "Historic Warwick" with its famous and popular castle. Soon you'll be in busy Kenilworth where the Millennium Way takes you past the now ruined castle famous for the visit of Elizabeth I to her favourite Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. We are soon in the rural part of the Borough of Solihull and Shakepeare's leafy Forest of Arden heading to Meriden, traditionally the very centre of England. It is marked by a standing cross alongside the cyclists' memorial. Now there is beautiful cross-country walking to two National Trust properties: 16th century Packwood House with its amazing topiary representing the Sermon on the Mount and Coughton Court, closely connected with the Gunpowder Plot. We're now well into Worcestershire heading for the small town of Inkberrow, the model for the ever-popular BBC radio programme "The Archers" complete with its pub "The Bull". The last lap takes the walker through open country and quaint villages such a White Ladies Aston with its fascinating church spire and finally to the bustling market town of Pershore on the River Avon with its stunning abbey.

Walk the MILLENNIUM WAY, a totally enjoyable experience.

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