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The images listed here are all taken from the walks featured on this website.

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Images from the Walks
220201Victoria Square, Birmingham, & 'Floozie in the Jacuzzi'
220202The 'Floozie in the Jacuzzi' in Victoria Square, Birmingham
220203Eden Place off Victoria Square, Birmingham
220204The "Old Thirteen" or Farmer's Bridge Locks, Birmingham
220205'Old Thirteen' or Farmer's Bridge Locks, Birmingham
220206Cambrian Wharf at the top of the "Old Thirteen"
220207Cast iron bridges on canals were locally made
220208Canal near revitalised Brindley Place & ICC
220209The canal near the revitalised Brindley Place and ICC area
2202102004 "big wheel" reflected in the Symphony Hall
220211Hall of Memory, Centenary Square, Birmingham
220212The Birmingham skyline near Victoria Square
220301The Hall of Memory in Centenary Square, Birmingham
220302Canal near NIA, Gas Street Basin, Birmingham
220303View of Brindley Place, Birmingham
220304Brindley Place, Birmingham
220305Gas Street Basin, Birmingham
220306Gas Street Basin looking towards Mailbox, Birmingham
220307Mailbox shopping & office complex, Birmingham
220308Mosaic mural at Holloway Circus, Birmingham
220309Chinese Pagoda at Holloway Circus, Birmingham
220310The 'Back to Backs', Hirst and Inge Streets, Birmingham
220311Selfridge store in Bull Ring, Birmingham
220312Bronze bull at entrance to Bull Ring, Birmingham
220401Birmingham - The Council House & 'Floozie in the Jacuzzi'
220402Birmingham - the lower end of Farmer's Bridge Locks
220403Birmingham - cast iron notice on Birmingam Canal
220404Birmingham - cast iron Barker Bridge built in 1842
220405Birmingham - the modern buildings of the Aston Science Park
220406Birmingham - the canal system near the city centre
220407Birmingham - the imposing frontage of Curzon Street Station
220408Birmingham - the slatted exterior of Millennium Point
220409Birmingham - the restored concourse of Moor Street Station
220410Birmingham - St Martin's Church and Selfridge's
220411Birmingham - the Rotunda is an iconic building
220412Birmingham - Nelson looks south across the suburbs
220901The Council House dominates Victoria Square in Birmingham
220902Birmingham - Centenary Square & "big wheel"
220903Birmingham - canal between ICC & Brindley Place
220904Birmingham - BCN canal between Tindal & Saturday Bridges
220905Birmingham - the extravagant exterior of the Argent Centre
220906Birmingham - one of many different pavement plaques
220907Birmingham - Warstone Lane Cemetery
220908Birmingham - the Chamberlain Clock, Warstone Lane
220909Birmingham - St Paul's Church in the Jewellery Quarter
220910Birmingham - the Birmingham Assay Office on Newhall Street.
266701Barston Church, West Midlands
266702The River Blythe near Barston
266703Half timbered house near Balsall Common
266704The Bull's Head at Barston
306801Birmingham - Deepcutting Junction
306802Birmingham - Sherbourne Wharf has been revitalised
306803Birmingham - Rotton Park Junction
306804Birmingham - Lee Bridge carries the Dudley Road
306805Birmingham - view from Winson Green Junction
306806Sandwell - Telford's aqueduct at Galton Valley
306807Sandwell - the "old main line" at Galton Valley
306808Sandwell - detail decoration on narrow boats moored at Galton Valley
306809Sandwell - the pumping house at Galton Valley
306810Sandwell - "new main line" from "old main line"

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