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Walk 1355 - printer friendly version

Stoulton Circular Walk

Author - Millennium Way

Length - 7.5 miles / 12.2 km

Ascent - 200 feet / 61 metres

Grade - easy/mod

Start - OS grid reference SO906491
Lat 52.140113 + Long -2.1387663
Postcode WR7 4RJ (approx. location only)

This gentle 7 ½ mile circular walk starts in Hawbridge, just south of Stoulton and includes delightful woodland and quiet open countryside. Park in the slip road at or near to the Bird in Hand Pub ( Fusion Brasserie), just south of Stoulton off the B4084. Refreshment can also be taken at the Plough & Harrow pub which is approx three-quarters of the way round the walk. For part of the walk, you will enjoy the delights of The Millennium Way where you will be guided by the distinctive green Millennium Way waymarkers.

A - We begin our walk from the Bird in Hand pub (currently known as the Fusion Brasserie). Go along road keeping pub R and after approx 100yds take the public bridleway R. Here you are on The Millennium Way and will see the distinctive green waymarker. Go over stream and take rough track L to field. Go ahead over field to lone tree. (Sometimes the farmer fails to reinstate the footpath across this field - we are trying to rectify this situation, but in the meantime you have to do the best you can, taking care.) At lone tree go 1/4 R to find footbridge over ditch. Go over bridge and fence stile bearing L through undergrowth to go with hedge L passing by several cross country horse jumps. ?On reaching corner of wood continue with wood L for 100 yds to exit field by stile, then ahead to exit next field by stile. Continue ahead in large field with woods L to field corner, ( do not exit field by corner stile ) instead continue around field edge with hedge L to pass to rear of houses, to exit via large gated gap to road. Go R on road for some 200yds then take stile L into field.

B - Go with hedge L through field then over stile and through what is marked as private garden, but is more like a small orchard with pool, to take stile to road. Go L on road into Wadborough, passing The Mason's Arms on R. Continue straight ahead past the road junction L (Mill Lane). Where the road makes a sharp right turn, leave the road and continue straight ahead down bridleway. Cross small wooden bridge, and follow the bridleway through the wood ignoring crossing path. At the sharp L turn (by the single way post) do not cross plank bridge but swing L and continue on woodland track, passing farm buildings R to reach road.

C - Cross road and go 20 yds R to take footpath L. Ignore entrance to wood and go ahead into field. Go with wood L and after some 200 paces find hidden waymark L in the hedge. At the waymark go R across field (You may need to look carefully to see where the farmer has defined the footpath) to find footbridge and stile. Cross stile then continue ahead across field passing close to lone tree aiming for hedge gap to find road. Go L on road for approx 1/3 mile until you reach Crabbe Lane on L. (Here we leave the Millennium Way.)

Turn L along Crabbe Lane and opposite the entrance to Crabbe Farm take stile to waymarked path R and go diagonally ½ R across field to find and take metal gate in hedge. Follow angle of yellow waymarker to cross next field keeping wood on far L. Exit field just to R of oak tree via hedge gap and follow waymarker into next field to walk along field edge with trees and scrub R. Cross wooden footbridge over stream and continue directly ahead over next field keeping to L of lone tree. On reaching the wide hedge gap, do not go forward through gap but turn R along edge of field keeping hedge L. At the field corner take metal gate to road.

D - Cross road to take the unstable stile opposite. Stay ahead with hedge R and go through wide gap and continue into next field. When you are almost past the farm buildings ignore footpath ahead and go L staying in the same field following the waymarker and continuing along edge of field with hedge R to reach corner of Lodge Wood. Stay ahead following the waymarker keeping wood R. Where the fencing turns sharp R you should continue 1/4 R across field ahead following the direction of the waymarker. Once across the field you will reach corner of wood. Keep ahead to cross stile in corner of field by the metal gate. Stay along narrow path with woodland R until you reach road.

E - Cross road and go R for 30 paces to take Stonebow Road L. Just past the school take lane L to continue through school car park to find footpath in far corner. Go ahead between fence and hedge to take metal kissing gate into field. Keep ahead to exit field by corner metal gate and continue along with wooden fence L. Where the fence ends, stay ahead through area of woodland emerging into large field. (At this point, if you wish to detour to The Plough & Harrow pub, stay ahead with hedge L to reach gap to minor road. Turn L towards main road and turn L again. After 100yds for will find the pub on R.) If you decide not to visit the pub, turn R here for approx 100yds until you reach corner of tall hedge. Take wide gap R to enter next field, then turn immediately L down edge of field with trees and then hedge L. At field corner go through metal gate following waymarker slightly R then L to reach fence by field corner. Go R here along field edge keeping hedge and fence L. On reaching field corner go through gap then continue ahead 1/4 L heading towards hedge corner in distance near to three small white posts. Continue in same direction with hedge L to reach field corner. Go through gap and turn immediately L through wooden kissing gate into large grassy area at rear of houses then proceed diagonally 1/2 right to take a further wooden kissing gate in far corner. Go L after gate for a few yards to find corner stile to road.

F - Turn R for 30 paces down road then go L down Windmill Lane. Ignore stile and footpath L and continue ahead along rough track on bridleway passing entrance to Windmill Hill Farm on R. Stay ahead by low brick wall to pass between barns and go through gap ahead into field. Go forward keeping hedge R and ignoring gap. Pass small pond on R and continue ahead with hedge R Go through corner metal gate and follow yellow waymarker keeping ahead with hedge R. Cross brick footbridge and continue through metal kissing gate to take R hand footpath and go with trees R. Keep ahead to find narrow gap and metal kissing gate in far hedge. Take kissing gate and go L to continue up field with hedge L. At field corner go L to walk between hedges and after about 120 paces look out for metal gate R. Go through gate to proceed through walkway between fences. At end of walkway take metal gate to churchyard then ahead to exit via far ornamental metal gate to road. Here go L to pass in front of St. Edmund Church and continue along lane to reach the main road. Turn L at main road, cross over and after 200 yards continue down slip road to arrive back at your starting point.

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