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Great Stone of Fourstones Walk

Author - Lou Johnson

Length - 6.7 miles / 10.9 km

Ascent - 720 feet / 218 metres

Grade - easy/mod

Start - OS grid reference SD668692
Lat 54.1175880 + Long -2.5094013
Postcode LA2 7LE (approx. location only)

Starting from High Bentham this walk visits the Great Stone of Fourstones. A huge gritstone erratic from the Ice Age, it lies on the Lancashire/North Yorkshire border, and it is thought to be the sole survivor of four such stones. Steps have been carved into the side to allow access on the top. The route crosses countryside and includes a short section beside the River Wenning.

The start of the walk is High Bentham (grid ref SD668692) where on street parking is available on Station Road. After parking walk south along Station Road, cross the railway and the River Wenning. Once across the river, turn right along a tarmac driveway. Where the drive forks, keep left and pass between some buildings at Moulterbeck. Go through a gate and follow the path to a stile which leads into woodland. Exit the trees and continue across a field to a stile. Turn left onto a track (grid ref. SD666682). Stay on the track across a field with views to Ingleborough on your left. At the end of the field the path maintains direction across several fields to Bowker House Farm. Pass through the yad and follow the access track to lane.

Cross the lane to the footpath opposite to the signed path. Bear half-left up the field and maintain direction up to Flannagill (grid ref. SD667672). Cross a stile by the house, turn right to another stile. Cross this and enter grassy moorland of Bents. Once across this stile head up a grassy path aiming for the Great Stone of Fourstones. Cross two farm access tracks to reach the Great Stone. The steps carved in the stone provide an easy way to the top. The view from the top is outstanding and includes a large slice of Three Peaks Country.

To continue follow the path back to the first farm access drive and turn right to reach the Slaidburn Road (grid ref. SD672668). Turn left and continue for 300 metres and then head right along a track. At the end of the track, cross the bridge on your right and follow the path across moorland to another track and a wall. Bear right Stay on the track until it bends right at Gruskham. Take the gate at the side of the house and head half left across a field to another gate. Turn right and follow the wall on your right to cross Gill Beck. Cross the slab bridge to a stile in the next wall. Continue to cross the drive to Crow Trees and take the gate opposite. The path maintains direction across four fields to reach a track (grid ref. SD691672). Turn left and follow the track through Stonegrove Farm and onto Mewith Lane.

Turn left and then first right into Brow Lane. Cross the railway and river. Just past the river bridge, turn left over a stile and cross a field aiming for a stile behind the second solitary tree. Bear half ri8ght to a gap in the wooded bank. Bear left and follow the path, with the woodland on your left across three fields. Entering the fourth field slant half-right to a wall stile (grid ref. SD683687). Continue to a track and bear left to reach Ridding Lane Farm. Cross the farm access drive, pass to the right of some large barns and enter a field. Bear half right and follow the path across two fields to reach a house (grid ref. SD677690). Bear left keeping the house on your right. Cross a small field to a stile in the hedge. Turn left along a track for 150 metres and turn left through a gate. Immediately turn right and follow the path with hedge on your right to cross the railway. Once across the railway, turn right and follow a path aiming for the church ahead. Keep to the left of the church and continue to Station Road. Turn right to return to High Bentham.

Walk 2256 Route Map

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