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Branston village Circular Walk

Author - Clive Catton

Length - 5.0 miles / 8.1 km

Ascent - 100 feet / 30 metres

Grade - easy

Start - OS grid reference TF023673
Lat 53.192957 + Long -0.47026105
Postcode LN4 1LJ (approx. location only)

The village of Branston is on the B1188 a few miles south-east of the City of Lincoln, which is dominated by its Cathedral. Clive designed this walk "as offering a better option than spending hours in the gym getting fit". Although lacking big hills or spectacular country the walk offers an insight into the Lincolnshire countryside, which is workmanlike and very pleasant.

The starting point is the cafe in Branston, "Food for Thought". Parking is available in the village although please park with consideration for others. From the cafe cross the B1188 and follow Paddock Lane. You should be able to see the road name and the public footpath signs from the cafe. Follow this path along the stream and behind the houses until you enter open fields. There are two bridges that cross the stream and you can use either of them.

Follow the distinct track to Cliff Farm, proceeding through the farm yard, over the stile and up the hill away from the farm. As you approach the top of this hill there is a good view across country to the City of Lincoln, the Cathedral and the Castle. The latter is hard to spot being much smaller than the Cathedral. It is well worth carrying a tripod and a long lens for this photo opportunity.

Pass behind Washingborough Top Farm and follow the track down past a number of buildings to the footpath junction with B1188. Cross the road and follow the B1188 away from Lincoln until you reach a small road that goes up past some small industrial units to the footpath. There is a prominent "Private Road" sign ahead. The route is to the right not along the private road. The footpath then passes to the left and takes you out into open fields where the way is well signed.

At a footpath Junction turn right towards West Field Farm. There is a marked footpath that takes you up through the farm. However as the farmer has mentioned on his sign, he is suffering a snake problem, so it is suggested you go along the lane to a parallel path further south. There is no sign at this end of the footpath but it is very distinct, following a track to the left of the hedge, passing through a junction of a number of fields, where the path goes right and then about 100m further on turns left and heads up towards the lane.

Turn left out onto the lane - it is possible to walk on the wide verge. From this lane Waddington Airfield and the tops of the AWACS and Nimrod aircraft can be seen. Unfortunately there is no easy route down to the Public Viewing Area and cafe from here, requiring a detour on the roads. Note the Viewing Area is only open on weekdays. If one of the aircraft is warming up to take off whilst you are walking here, you will definitely hear it and probably smell it as well! Stay on the lane for about 800 metres before turning left (northeast) onto a footpath/track.

This path/track starts off well-marked, skirting a farm and then passing a small lake. It is signed from the lake to follow the edge of the fields but although there are some signs they are not very clear, neither is the path very distinct although it is easy to follow the route. Once across this first field the path turns back into a tractor track and leads down to the village. From here it is a short walk up into the village and back to the cafe.

It is worth taking a short detour up to the church at the top of the hill past some of the oldest buildings in the village. On a Sunday it is possible the church bells will be ringing. Besides the cafe there is a pub serving food.

Walk 2502 Route Map

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