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What Are The Best Mountain Walks In The UK?

Although Britain isn’t the most famous country for mountains, there are still plenty of incredible walks to be found in this regard. The highest mountain in the UK is Ben Nevis in Scotland, which stands at an impressive 1,345m tall.

Meanwhile, one of the most popular is Snowdonia, which offers a variety of walking routes catering to different levels of experience and fitness.

Walking Britain provides a one-stop place to find some of the best mountain walks, with routes for hikers at all levels. Here are just of the few ideas if you’re seeking the best mountain walks this winter:

Snowdon, Wales, is one of the most popular.


Snowdon is the highest peak in Wales and there are several routes to the summit. Popular pathways to take include the Llanberis Path, Pyg Track, and Miners' Track. The views from the top are well-worth the effort: they’re truly breathtaking, with rugged terrain and expansive vistas of Snowdonia National Park.

Other popular mountain walks in Wales include Tryfan, which is known for its distinctive shape and more parts for scrambling. Scrambling is a mountaineering term for ascending steep terrain using one's hands to assist in holds and for balance. However, it is also used to describe terrain that falls between hiking and rock climbing (in which cases it’s described as a "scramble").

The classic route ascends via the North Ridge, offering stunning views of the Glyderau and Snowdonia.

As aforementioned, Ben Nevis in Scotland, is ideal for more experienced hikers.

The ascent via the Mountain Track (known as the Tourist Route) is the most popular. However, more challenging routes like the CMD Arete provide captivating views and are ideal for those after more of an adventure.

Alternatively, you might want to head to Buachaille Etive Mor, also in Scotland. This iconic peak in Glen Coe offers breathtaking views and a challenging climb. The ascent via Curved Ridge provides an exhilarating scramble for experienced climbers.

Discover the best routes up Scafell Pike.


Scafell Pike is the highest peak in England and we provide several routes to the summit. Whether you’re up for the challenging Corridor Route or are looking for the more straightforward paths from Wasdale and Seathwaite, we can help.

On a clear day, you can see the Lake District's beautiful landscape from the top. Scafell Pike has a rich cultural and historical significance, with evidence of human activity dating back thousands of years. It is said to have been climbed by humans since ancient times.

While Scafell Pike may not be as tall as some of the peaks in other parts of the UK, its rugged terrain and variable weather conditions present challenges to even experienced hikers and climbers.

Some of the best mountain walks in the UK are in the Lake District.

This part of the world isn’t only famous for its many lakes. Helvellyn is one of the most popular peaks in this area. The ascent via Striding Edge, a narrow arête, provides an exhilarating experience for those who don’t suffer from a fear of heights. Meanwhile, the route via Swirral Edge is slightly less challenging but equally rewarding.

Also in the Lake District is Great Gable, which offers stunning views and various routes to the summit. The climb via the Napes Needle or the more straightforward route from Wasdale both provide rewarding experiences.

Before heading on any mountain walk, it’s particularly vital to check the weather conditions.

Staying safe is absolutely crucial in these types of environments. Although mountains in Britain aren’t as treacherous as those in other countries, accidents can still happen.

You want to pack appropriately, and be prepared for changing conditions when embarking on mountain walks in the UK. Furthermore, you want to ensure you have the necessary skills and experience for the routes you plan to undertake, especially for more challenging hikes involving scrambling or exposed terrain.

Walking Britain makes it easy to find walks which reflect your level of experience, time available, and how challenging you wish the walk to be.

Walking Britain has an entire section dedicated to mountain walks.

Here you’ll find some of the finest routes, ranging from gentle walks to hikes for more experienced mountaineers. Our most popular walks include those at Snowdon, Garnedd Ugain, Carnedd Dafydd, and many more.

Spring is on the way, making it a great time to get back outdoors.

Walking is a great form of exercise that can be enjoyed year-round. It helps improve cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles, and boosts mood, making it a perfect activity for those looking to stay active during the winter months.

After a brisk walk in the crisp winter air, there's nothing quite like warming up in a traditional British pub or café with a hot drink and hearty meal. It adds a cosy and comforting finish to your outdoor adventure.

If you’re looking for the best mountain walks in the UK, check out our latest routes today.

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