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Mountains of England & Wales - Summits 151-200

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The mountain summits are beginning to be dominated by less visited peaks often in wild moorland areas. These summits are also less likely to be visited as the primary purpose for a walk with many reached as part of a walk to the higher peaks. However there are still some that are worthy objectives for a day walk including Sheffield Pike and Place Fell in the Lake District and Nine Standards Rigg in the Great Shunner Fell range with its wide ranging views of the Eden Valley.

151Foel Hafod-fynydd689AransSnowdonia 
152Great Coum687IngleboroughYorkshire Dales 
153Round Hill686Cross FellNorth Pennines 
154Pen y Bryn-fforchrog685AransSnowdonia 
155Y Garn684PumlummonCambrian Mountains 
156Bannerdale Crags683BlencathraLake District 
157Swarth Fell681Great ShunnerYorkshire Dales 
158Plover Hill680IngleboroughYorkshire Dales 
159Chwarel y Fan679Black MountainsBrecon Beacons 
160Cregiau Gleision678CarneddauSnowdoniaWalks & Guide
161Tarn Rigg Hill678Great ShunnerYorkshire Dales 
162The Calf676HowgillsYorkshire Dales 
163Moel Druman676MoelwynsSnowdonia 
164James's Hill675Burnhope SeatNorth Pennines 
165Lovely Seat675Great ShunnerYorkshire Dales 
166Maesglase675Cadair IdrisSnowdonia 
167Murton Fell675Cross FellNorth Pennines 
168Sheffield Pike675RaiseLake District 
169Moel Cynghorion674SnowdonSnowdoniaWalks & Guide
170Killhope Law674Burnhope SeatNorth Pennines 
171Great Knoutberry Hill672IngleboroughYorkshire Dales 
172Rogan's Seat672Great ShunnerYorkshire Dales 
173Scar Crags672ButtermereLake District 
174Esgeiriau Gwynion671AransSnowdonia 
175Loadpot Hill671High StreetLake District 
176Wether Hill670High StreetLake District 
177Waun-oer670Cadair IdrisSnowdonia 
178Carnedd y Filiast669ArenigsSnowdonia 
179Dodd Fell Hill668IngleboroughYorkshire Dales 
180Fountains Fell668IngleboroughYorkshire Dales 
181Cyrniau Nod667BerwynsPowys 
182Terren Y Gesail667Cadair IdrisSnowdonia 
183Sails667Great ShunnerYorkshire Dales 
184Post Gwyn665BerwynsPowys 
185Black Fell664Black FellNorth Pennines 
186Tarn Crag664High StreetLake District 
187Fan Nedd663Brecon BeaconsBrecon Beacons 
188Mynydd Llysiau663Black MountainsBrecon Beacons 
189Nine Standards Rigg662Great ShunnerNorth Pennines 
190Manod Mawr661MoelwynsSnowdonia 
191Tyrau Mawr661Cadair IdrisSnowdonia 
192Carrock fell660KnottLake District 
194Great Rhos660Radnor ForestPowys 
195Cribin Fawr659Cadair IdrisSnowdonia 
196High Pike658KnottLake District 
197Manod Mawr - North Top658MoelwynsSnowdonia 
198Place Fell657High StreetLake District 
199Grey Nag656Black FellNorth Pennines 
200Moel yr Ogof655Moel HebogSnowdonia 

Summits 1-50  Summits 51-100  Summits 101-150  Summits 151-200  Summits 201-258

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