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Egdon, Stoulton & White Ladies Aston

Worcestershire Walk

County/Area - Worcestershire

Author - Millennium Way

Length - 6.3 miles / 10.2 km    Ascent - 220 feet / 67 metres

Time - 3 hours 20 minutes    Grade - easy

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Walk Route Description

Photo from the walk - Egdon, Stoulton & White Ladies Aston
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A pleasant Worcestershire circular walk from Egdon. An easy walk with the opportunity to ramble over open fields and enjoy the beautiful countryside of Worcestershire. If time allows explore White Ladies Aston and visit its church with interesting spire. During the walk, you will follow a section of The Millennium Way.

A Turn right out of the car park of The Berkeley (grid ref. SO918513) to reach the main road (A44). Turn left up the main road in the direction of Worcester and after approx. 100 paces you will see footpath sign left. You are joining the Millennium Way with its distinctive green way markers. Take the metal gate left then go forward under power lines and take mid hedge kissing gate/footbridge into field. Stay ahead parallel with power cables to find and take hedge gap then go left with hedge left. At hedge corner follow around left to follow grassy track with green topped barn left. Turn left round corner of barn then turn right when level with barn. Go ahead under power cables turning left by red brick building (Kits Kitchen). Cross road and keep ahead on bridleway. After 25 paces, you will come to a way post with several way markers. Continue directly ahead up the bridleway (The Millennium Way used to go right here, and the old route is still showing on the OS map. We have re-routed the Millennium Way, so just follow these instructions and the way markers to keep to this new route). Go past wide gap left and continue up bridleway track with orchard right, until you emerge with a delightful view of the Malvern Hills directly ahead. As you enter this field, with a stand of tall trees to your right, go left into the field with hedge left walking away from the line of trees. Ignore any gaps and walk down to the hedge corner with a large tree with overhanging branches. Bear slightly right across large field towards low railway bridge. Halfway across you could turn left to shorten your route - skip to point C if you do this.

B Cross the brick-built bridge over the railway and go through the large metal gate. Stay ahead with wire fence then hedge left through another large metal gate into large paddock. Stay ahead towards a long barn to exit by an old metal gate onto a farm bridleway. Continue through farm to turn sharp right on track directly in front of the farmhouse (Windmill Hill Farm). Pass between more barns / stabling and down through gap, passing a pond on right eventually to reach a metal gate at the bottom corner of field by a telegraph pole. Go through gate to a way post then stay ahead, ignoring path left, and follow the footpath alongside a wood on your left with hedge right. Towards the end of the wood the track splits, take the waymarked left fork along a well-defined path through an arch of trees, to go forward over a red brick bridge then though metal kissing gate. After the gate bear right, to follow the hedge line with stream right staying on the main track to a kissing gate just beyond the overhead power lines. Take gate then turn left and go up field with hedge left. At the top corner of field go left through a small gap between hedges and follow this round to find a metal gate on your right. Take gate then narrow path between fence and hedge to another metal gate into churchyard. Go ahead through churchyard keeping to right of St. Edmund's Church and exit by a double metal gate to reach road. Turn right onto wide track and pass last house on left to take wooden kissing gate ahead at end of the grassy track.

Enter field and bear slightly right across field on an ill-defined path to walk under power lines to reach the protruding hedge corner ahead. On reaching the hedge corner turn right staying in the same field and walk gently downhill with hedge left to reach corner footbridge and stile. Take the stile then cross narrow field to take large metal gate ahead. Take the left-hand waymarked footpath and go diagonally across corner of field (or go left around edge if field heavily cropped) to reach a stile on left just behind a large tree. Take stile, very carefully crossing the main London railway line, and then take another stile into field. With your back to this stile go diagonally half right across a large, often heavily ploughed, field keeping well right of the largest tree ahead. Stay on this same line.

C Halfway across the field you will pass over an ill-defined path leading from left to right which you took earlier on the route at point B. Keep going gently uphill through this large field (no way posts and often no visible path) and eventually a farmhouse with two chimneys will appear to the far right. Head about 100 yards to the left of this farmhouse, about 100 yards to the right of the field corner, to find and take very narrow unsigned gap through hedge. Cross over road, taking care of bends, to take footpath opposite through wooden gate. Go across small field to take gap, then go diagonally 1/4 left across next field towards wide gap in hedge. Take gap then turn left on farm track staying in field to pass in front of group of houses ahead to reach the main road.

D Go directly across the busy main road and proceed along driveway of Wolverton Hall Farm. On reaching the farmhouse, by the game farm business, go right on farm track following the way marker. Stay on track which shortly veers left, to take waymarked footpath left through a black metal kissing gate. Go straight across the field aiming to the right of the octagonal Folly. Continue past way marker on telegraph pole to take gate in tree line to go through copse exiting by another gate. Continue slightly left ahead up field with hedge far left passing lone oak tree and taking gate at top corner. Go with hedge right and after about 250 yds (at the brow) take wide gap right into adjacent field staying on same line but now with hedge left. Proceed gently down field to take large metal gate before continuing up the track ahead.

E Stay along track to go past farm buildings left and eventually past Aston Moat where the track swings left. Go past the 30mph signs until you reach the road. Turn right on road towards the hamlet of White Ladies Aston. Continue along road past houses, through the sharp bends, eventually reaching a public footpath on left, where we re-join The Millennium Way. This footpath is situated next to a red brick barn. Go up this path with wall then hedge right. Leave woodland path immediately it swings left, keeping straight ahead through undergrowth on short unclear path into right corner to find and cross ditch with footbridge to field.

F Go left here and walk through three fields, past house left, eventually arriving at a field corner. At the field corner go 20 paces right and take stile into private garden. Cross garden and exit by stile to cross gravelled area. Take path a few yards to the right of garage barn for 25 paces (it can be overgrown) to exit by two tricky fence stiles into field, then go left to reach metal kissing gate. Do not take kissing gate or exit field, instead turn your back to the kissing gate and go diagonally 3/4 left to pass field corner and take far kissing gate (adjacent to large metal gate) to road. Go right on road and after some 250 paces take gate left into narrow field. Go diagonally halfway down field to take gate right into adjacent field. Go diagonally to take far corner field kissing gate leading to road. Go left on road to arrive back at The Berkeley pub.

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