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Gear Review - the people's poncho 2.0

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We are all familiar with the saying "there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes". Whether you agree or not with this view, walkers often face a variety of conditions when enjoying the outdoors and need to be well prepared and stay dry.

the people's poncho 2.0The coventional jacket-style waterproof has limitations, especially in summer. The people’s poncho 2.0 addresses many of these problems by providing a lightweight, stylish and easy to pack alternative. I have been a keen advocate of ponchos and they always attract admiring looks from passing walkers. One of the great advantages is they also provide waterproof protection for your day pack providing it isn't too large.

The people's poncho 2.0 is a natural development of the original people's poncho 1.0 with a number of new features that have made the waterproof even more practical and easy to use. Supplied in a zipped pouch (less than A4 size), the poncho is lightweight and compact, 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable. Providing good airflow around your body on muggy days, it is a delight to wear and easy to slip on when the rain starts to fall.

The built-in hood is comfortable and roomy, with poppers providing a quick and easy fitting. The hood also stays in place and does not inhibit visibility. With a spacious waterproof pocket, valuables can also be kept dry and safe.

A variety of colours are available and with a retail price of £65 the poncho is excellent value for money considering its quality, durability and ease of use. It’s worth remembering that the people’s poncho is also suitable for cycling and general urban use.

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the people's poncho 2.0

Lightweight, stylish and lightweight alternative to traditional waterproofs ideal for walkers. More info.

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