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Bwlch y ffridd & Fachwen Pool from Newtown

Powys Walk

County/Area - Powys - Powys North

Author - Walking Newtown

Length - 9.0 miles / 14.6 km    Ascent - 1400 feet / 424 metres

Time - 5 hours 50 minutes    Grade - moderate

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Walk Route Description

Photo from the walk - Bwlch y ffridd & Fachwen Pool from Newtown
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This Powys circular walk starts in Newtown (Y Drenewydd) and explores the rolling landscape to the north of the town. The outward leg of the walk follows paths, tracks, and quiet country lanes to reach Bwlch y ffridd. From here the route turns south to join the Secern Way which is followed past the delightful Fachwen Pool and back into Newtown.

1 - This walk starts under the Town Clock at the junction of Broad St, High St, and Severn St. Walk down Broad St and cross the River Severn. Walk up Crescent Street to Bryn Gardens. You will have one of the best views of Newtown from here.

2 - At the top, turn right then first left at the footpath sign. Bear right at the beech hedge following the fence on your right. Follow the path up parallel with the backs of houses, ignoring the stile and footpath sign on your left. At the road, Bryn Lane, turn left, then right at the sign to Ffrydd Farm. Follow the farm lane (not the footpath sign) and cross the stream at the bottom (SO 105926).

3 - Go left at the fingerpost and walk up beside the stream. The path can be slippery. Go through the gate and head for Ffrydd Farm above. Pass through an opening in the hedge ahead. Go through the field gate, cross the farmyard to the left of the house and through a field gate ahead. The dogs (and farmer) are friendly. Go straight ahead and through a pedestrian gate at the top of the field.

Walk uphill and through the field gate in the hedge in front of you. Keep straight on up and over the hill to the gate and stile. At the brow of the hill, you will again see magnificent views. Follow the hedge on your left down to go through the gate (SO 103934) and over the stream at the bottom. Continue up the hill to the right of the hedge, through another pedestrian gate and head for the bungalow and the pedestrian gate in the hedge above. This will bring you out onto Penshwa Lane (SO 102937).

4 - Turn left and just before the junction with Bryn Lane (SO 096934), go through the pedestrian gate on the right. Follow the hedge on your right, through a field gate and down to a bridge over a stream and a pedestrian gate. Follow the hedge on your left until you come to another pedestrian gate on your left. Follow the path through the wood to another gate (SO 932947) which will bring you back into the field. Turn left and continue down to a gate above a stream. Cross the stream, heading diagonally up the path to the field then down, through 2 pedestrian gates on to a road (SO 092930).

5 - Turn left, then right at a fingerpost, over a bridge and gate (SO091940). Turn left and follow the hedge on your left up to the top of the hill and through the pedestrian gate onto the road. Turn right along the road until you come to a way-marked field gate on the left.

6 - Go up the track towards the farm, Upper Garth (SO 092944). At the top turn right through a field gate at the conifers. Follow the track ahead passing around the barn on your left and turn immediately right up a wide track (SO 090944). Continue to the ridge (superb views) and down to a copse of conifers at the end. Ahead is a circular concrete trough in the field. Walk past it with the fence on your right, ignoring the stile on the right. Go downhill to a gate in the bottom right-hand corner of the field. Go through and walk up and over the ridge to a field gate. Continue through and walk down across the field to a pedestrian gate in the fence ahead at Bettws Hill farm (SO 084952). Turn left and walk up the concrete farm road past a white cottage, Goetre on your left.

7 - When the road turns left, go through the pedestrian gate (SO 084954). Walk straight on bearing right up between trees and gorse bushes to a ridge. Near the top you will see a way-mark post. Bear right following the sheep track which leads to the corner of a hedge and fence ahead. Turn and follow the hedge down the field to a pedestrian gate onto the road (SO 084957).

8 - Go left along the road to a field gate on the right (SO 083956). Once through, head right over a grassed bridge then left along the foot of the hill, avoiding the wet area below. After a few hundred yards climb gently off to the right to pass between the two hillocks and then descend to a gateway marked by a way marker. Go through the next field keeping the hedge to your left and cross the common, passing poly-tunnels and a cottage on your left. Go left through the field gate, and then a pedestrian gate on the left, turn right onto the drive to the road (SO084957). Turn right to a fingerpost pointing left down a farm road.

9 - Follow the road to the farmyard. Go through 3 field gates to cross the farmyard and bear right through a field gate below (SO 071953). Bear left across the field and through a gate by a broken stile. Follow the fence on your right down across a stream and up the opposite bank to a stile. Cross the road onto a green lane and to a field gate.

10 - This is now the Severn Way which is well way-marked with many gates, in quick succession. Turn left and follow the hedge up over the hill and down to a bridge crossing a stream (SO 073949). Go through the pedestrian gate, cross the field, and bear right up the track through the trees then left over the hill. Follow another track to your right with a fence on your left, through a pedestrian gate (SO 080937) on to a footpath heading right. Bear left around the top of the hill to a stile in the hedge ahead. Bear left down to a stile on to the road. Turn right. When the road turns right (SO 074938) take the track ahead.

11 - Walk up the track with fence and wood on your right and go through the field gate. Continue with the fence on the left and when you reach another field gate follow the hedge on your left then bear right across the field (look for way marker) and down the steep slope to a pedestrian gate (SO 082937) and into the wood. Follow the path to another pedestrian gate (SO 082934) on your left to the Fachwen Pool. Turn right over the stream through a pedestrian gate into the field. Turn left, through a pedestrian gate and at the top of the field through a field gate, turning right on to the road.

12 - When you reach the sign for Rhydyfelin Baptist Church (SO 084930), turn left down the drive passing the church on your right, through a pedestrian gate and up a path through the wood. Walk up the hill to a stile and follow the track through 3 gates then follow the hedge on your left, through another gate (SO 089924). Bear left to a pedestrian gate in the fence. Cross this field to a pedestrian gate and cross the road (Beehive Lane) to another gate. Go down the hill and up again heading for the tall tree on the skyline, passing through 4 more gates. Bear left through a series of gates visible in the hedges in front of you.

13 - Go through a gate into the beech wood and out through a gate at the bottom of the wood, cross the road and down the narrow path. This brings you to Milford Road. Turn left and then right at the roundabout and back over the bridge into Broad Street to return to the Town Clock.

A detailed hand-drawn route map showing details of the route - Newtown to Bwlch y Ffridd Route Map

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