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North York Moors Walks,
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The North York Moors walks listed below cater for walkers of all abilities. All walks are free to download and print and all routes have GPS files. The walks cover most areas within the North York Moors National Park and range from easy circular walks to hard moorland walks. Routes following the coast are also popular some using sections of the Cleveland Way.

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North York Moors West Walks

Walking Highlights. The western part of the North York Moors National Park contains some excellent walking. Predominantly moorland, the area is dissected by many valleys or dales. Generally the area is sparsely populated with few facilities in the hamlets and villages. Excellent North York Moors walks include those to Roseberry Topping, Captain Cook's Monument and Highcliff Nab. The Clevland Way crosses this area and provides a useful route for shorter circular walks. Other highlights include walks that include Rievaulx Abbey and routes in Rosedale.

Where to stay - Pickering, Thirsk, Helmsley, Great Ayton and Hutton-le-hole all provide convenient access for walking in this area.

2930Roseberry Topping from Newton under Roseberryeasy3.20
3581Gormire Lake from Sutton Bank National Park Centreeasy/mod3.40
3718Scarth Wood Moor from Osmotherleyeasy/mod6.00
3418Cringle Moor & the Wain Stoneseasy/mod6.00
3160Roseberry Topping and Captain Cook's Monumenteasy/mod6.25
1330Roseberry Topping & Captain Cook's Monumenteasy/mod6.50
1921Spaunton Moor from Chimney Bank easy/mod8.10
1450Little & Great Fryup Dales from Duck Bridgemoderate8.25
1622Hawnby, Bilsdale West and Wetherhouse Moors moderate8.30
1473Hollin Hill to Square Corner by the Cleveland Waymoderate9.45
1538Baysdale circular from Hob Holemoderate9.45
2702Ampleforth, Shallow Dale, Yearsley Moor & Wildernessmoderate9.50
1920Rievaulx Moor from Cowhouse Bank moderate9.50
1525Beck Dale & Rievaulx from Helmsleymoderate9.75
1542The Rudland Ridge moderate10.10
1544Round Hill & Stumps Cross from Chop Gate moderate10.10
1469Carlton Bank, Scugdale, Raisdale & Kirby Bankmoderate10.50
1050Highcliff Nab & Roseberry Topping from Slapewathmoderate10.50
1674Rosedale Valley circular from Little Blakey moderate11.00
3187Esklets and Rosedale Head from Westerdalemoderate11.00
3398Rollgate Bank & Aumery Park from Fadmoormoderate11.00
2685Highcliff Nab and Guisborough Moor from Commondalemoderate11.10
1527Farndale Circular from Little Blakeymoderate12.00
2029Lastingham & Rosedale from Hutton-le-Holemoderate12.00
1524Rievaulx Bridge & Wass from Cold Kirbymoderate12.50
1498Kilburn White Horse, Cold Kirby, Murton, & Sutton Bankmoderate14.00
1497Square Corner to High Paradise around Arden Great Moormoderate14.25
1468Clay Bank, Wain Stones, Bank Foot & Bloworth Crossingmoderate14.25
3165Roseberry Topping & Highcliff Nab from Estonmoderate14.25
1467Cleveland Way - Roseberry Common to Tidy Brown Hillmoderate15.00
2566Rievaulx Abbey from Kilburn, near Thirskmod/hard15.00

North York Moors East & Coast Walks

Walking Highlights. The eastern part of the North York Moors National Park contains some excellent walking. Predominantly moorland with a rugged coastline, this part of the National Park features many dales that dissect the higher moors. Excellent North York Moors walks include coastal walking following the Cleveland Way especially around Robin Hood's Bay, the Hole of Horcum, and walks from Goathland. The Clevland Way follows the coast in this area and provides a useful basis for shorter circular walks.

Where to stay - Robin Hood's Bay, Whitby, Goathland and Pickering are convenient bases for walking in this area.

3533★☩Mallyan Spout and Beck Hole from Goathland easy3.00
3532Runswick Bay to Staitheseasy3.80
3337Dundale Pond from Levisham easy4.80
3534★☩Dundale Pond & Hole of Horcum from Saltergateeasy/mod5.20
3585★☩Levisham, Skelton Tower & Hole of Horcumeasy/mod7.40
1012Lealholm, Glaisdale, Great Fryup Dale and Eskdalemoderate7.50
1464Blue Bank & Sleights Mooreasy/mod7.75
3737Commondale & Esk Valley from Danbyeasy/mod8.20
1395Broxa & Broxa Foresteasy/mod8.25
1744Hayburn Wyke from Ravenscar along the Cleveland Waymoderate8.50
1397Hole of Horcum from Levisham Stationeasy/mod8.50
3471Robin Hood's Bay from Ravenscarmoderate8.50
1743Sneaton Thorpe & Littlebeck from May Beckmoderate8.90
2091Kettleness and Mickleby from Lythemoderate9.70
1452Leaholm Moor from Scaling Dammoderate9.75
1867Hole of Horcum & Bridestones from Locktonmoderate9.80
1623Burn Howe Rigg from Jugger Howes moderate10.00
2130Robin Hood's Bay & Hawkser from Fylingthorpemoderate10.00
2325Troutsdale Circular moderate10.10
1564Hayburn Wyke from Scalby, Near Scarborough moderate10.20
1396Hole of Horcum and Saltergate Brow from Locktonmoderate10.25
1758Newton House Plantation & Stony Leasmoderate10.30
2583Iburndale and the Esk Valley from Stainsacremoderate10.30
1675The Esk Valley & Egton High Moor moderate10.50
1922Goathland & Howl Moors moderate11.20
1930Wheeldale Moor circular moderate11.30
2090Easington Beck & Staithes from Loftusmoderate11.50
1602Saltergate, Fylingdales & Allerston High Moormoderate11.50
2077Glaisdale Moor circular moderate11.90
2665Cawthorne Roman Camp Circular moderate12.20
1476Boulby Mine to Whitby by the Cleveland Waymoderate12.50
2563Egton Bridge & Grosmont from Goathlandmoderate12.50

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