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The Staffordshire walks listed below cater for walkers of all abilities from easy low-level routes to harder routes involving more ascent. All walks are free to download and print and all routes have GPS files. The county has much to offer walkers from the Peak District National Park in the north, to Cannock Chase AONB and Kinver Edge further south. In between these well known areas pleasant walking can be enjoyed throughout most of the county.


White Peak - Manifold Valley & Dovedale Walks

Peak District National Park

Walking highlights - Dramatic Dovedale and its sister dales are typical of the White Peak with limestone outcrops a character of the landscape. The Manifold Valley, lying to the west of Dovedale, also has much to offer walkers including Thor's Cave perched high on the valley side. Between the Dove and Manifold valleys lies high ground, including Ecton Hill and the villages of Alstonefield and Wetton which provide a good base for Peak District walks in this area.

Where to stay - Hartington, Alstonefield, Wetton, Grindon and Ashbourne are all convenient for this area.

3131Thorpe Cloud and the Dove Valleyeasy1.60
2681Wetton & Manifold Valleyeasy/mod3.60
1475Bunster Hill and Dovedale from Ilameasy/mod4.50
1709Milldale and Wolfscote Dale from Alstonefieldeasy/mod6.50
1181The Manifold Valley & Wetton Hilleasy/mod6.50
2537Ecton Hill & Wetton from Wetton Millmoderate7.00
3527Dovedale and the Manifold Valley from Ilammoderate7.50
1257Wolfscote Dale from Alstonefieldeasy/mod7.50
1653The Manifold Valley from Wetton easy/mod7.80
2263Grindon & the Manifold Way from Waterhousesmoderate8.00
3455The Manifold Valley, Wetton and Dovedale from Ilammoderate9.50
3597Manifold Valley, Thor's Cave, Ecton & Wetton Hills from Alstonefield moderate10.00
3601Dove & Manifold Valleys from Alstonefieldmoderate10.00

White Peak - Upper Dove Valley & Chrome Hill Walks

Peak District National Park

Walking highlights - Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill (the Dragon's Back) are the main attractions in this area. As you head up towards the source of the River Dove the scenery gets wilder and more dramatic.

Where to stay - Hartington and Longnor are convenient for this area.

1185Chrome Hill from Holinsclougheasy/mod4.50
3445The Dragon's Back (Chrome Hill) from Hollinscloughmoderate4.50
1862Earl Sterndale and High Wheeldon from Longnoreasy/mod6.00
2837Parkhouse & Chrome Hills from Longnoreasy/mod6.70
2531Upper Dove Valley from Hollinscloughmoderate7.50
2545High Edge & Chrome Hill from Hollinscloughmoderate8.50
2723Pilsbury Castle, Hartington & Sheen from Longnor easy/mod9.60

Western Moors - Three Shires Head & the Roaches Walks

Peak District National Park

Walking highlights - The Roaches offer great views with little effort, Three Shires Head where the counties of Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire meet at a picturesque packhorse bridge and lonely Axe Edge Moor, which is the highest point in Staffordshire.

Where to stay - Leek, Buxton, Gradbach and Danebridge are convenient for this area.

1596Lud's Church and Roach End from Gradbach easy/mod4.50
1707The Roaches short circulareasy/mod5.00
1598Lud's Church, Back Forest & Clough Head from Gradbach easy/mod6.80
3030The Roaches & Lud's Churcheasy/mod7.00
3323Three Shires Head & Knotbury from Gradbach easy/mod7.10
1178The Roaches and Lud's Churchmoderate7.25
2577Hawk's Nest, Goldstitch Moss & Lud's Churchmoderate8.00
3197Flash, Knotbury & Three Shires Head from Gradbach easy/mod8.20
1288The Roaches & Hen Cloud from Tittesworth Reservoirmoderate8.50

Cannock Chase Walks

Cannock Chase AONB is an area of heathland and forestry plantations lying close to Stafford and Cannock. The parkland of the Shugborough Estate lies close by and adds variety to walking in this area.

1753Abraham's Valley & Haywood Warren from Severn Springseasy3.00
1324Glacial Boulder & Sherbrook from Chase Road Cornereasy3.50
1801The Three Memorials, Cannock Chaseeasy3.50
1843Haywood Slade & Sherbrook from Seven Springseasy4.00
1370Sherbrook Valley from the Punch Bowl, Milfordeasy4.00
1348Sherbrook Valley from Katyn Memorialeasy4.00
1802Shugborough from Milfordeasy4.50
1413Sherbrook, Stepping Stones & Freda's Memorialeasy6.00
2111Milford, Seven Springs, Little Haywood & Shugborougheasy6.00
2911Seven Springs, Little Haywood, Shugborough & Milfordeasy6.50
1189Cannock Chase from Milfordeasy6.50
2023The Cannock Chase War Trailmoderate7.50
1731Highlights of Cannock Chase from Marquis Driveeasy/mod10.00

South Staffordshire Walks

South Staffordshire is dominated by a sandstone ridge lying to the southwest of Kinver. Kinver Edge as it is known locally provides excellent walking although the proliferation of footpaths can be confusing at times. Close by is Highgate Common which lies in rural countryside north of Kinver.

3241Kinver Edge & Holy Austin Rockeasy2.60
2874Enville Estate and the Sheepwalkseasy4.00
2834Kinver Edge circular easy4.20
3003Kinver Edge & Blakeshall from Holy Austin Rockeasy4.25
2024Kinver Edge, South Staffordshireeasy/mod6.00
1934Highgate Common and Surrounding Countryeasy6.00

Mid Staffordshire Walks

Mid Staffordshire is dominated by relatively flat farmland. The area, centered on the County town of Stafford, provides a number of easy walks some using canal towpaths on the Grand Union Canal and the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal.

2099Stafford - a town centre strolleasy1.50
1327The Fauld Crater from Hanburyeasy1.70
1375Blithfield Estate Circulareasy2.50
2917Downs Banks near Barlastoneasy2.50
1711Draycott in the Clay from Hanburyeasy3.00
2199Brocton from Walton-on-the-Hilleasy3.50
3591Derrington from Stafford Castleeasy3.60
1941Outwoods & Beffcoteeasy4.10
2842Sandon Park from Salteasy4.60
1837Norbury Junction Circulareasy4.60
3405Abbots Bromley Circulareasy6.00
2500Chillington Hall & Shropshire Union Canal from Brewoodeasy6.00
1394Bednall & Acton Trussell from near Staffordeasy6.50
3531Cop Mere and the Offleys easy7.00
2443Tixall from St Thomas Priory near Staffordeasy7.00
2499Aqualate Mere and Forton from Norbury Junctioneasy/mod8.00

North Staffordshire Walks

Much of North Staffordshire lies within the boundaries of the Peak District National Park and these walks are listed under a separate sub-heading. Outside the National Park boundaries lie two interesting areas to explore. These are the Churnet Valley, nicknamed Little Swizerland by Victorian tourists, with the Caldon Canal and The Cloud, a prominent hill near Mow Cop offering grand views across the Cheshire Plain and parts of the Peak District National Park.

1752Churnet Valley from Consall Nature Parkeasy2.60
3562The Weaver Hills from Woottoneasy3.20
1284The Churnet Valley - Kingsley to Cheddletoneasy5.00
2310The Cloud from Rushton Spencer (short route)easy/mod5.00
2519The Cloud from Rushton Spencereasy/mod9.00
2604Dane Valley & Wincle from Rushton Spencermoderate9.50

Walks that start in adjacent counties / areas.

Walks that start in adjacent counties or areas but cross the boundary and include sections of the route within Staffordshire

WalkDescriptionStarts In
1183Shining Tor & Axe Edge MoorCheshire
1652Three Shires Head from Danebower Hollow Cheshire
2233Flash & Three Shires Head from Danebower Hollow Cheshire
1728Axe Edge Moor & Three Shires HeadCheshire
1021Milldale & Hall Dale from AlstonefieldDerbyshire
1042Pilsbury Castle from HartingtonDerbyshire
1195A high-level DovedaleDerbyshire
2301Biggin & Parsley Hay from HartingtonDerbyshire
2079Beresford & Wolfescote Dales from HartingtonDerbyshire

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