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The Snowdonia walks listed below cater for walkers of all abilities from easy low-level walks to the high mountain summits. All walks are free to download and print and all routes have GPS files. The walks reach all the major summits in the Snowdonia National Park including Snowdon the highest mountain in England & Wales. The list is divided into areas based on the key mountains ranges as an easy to use classification.

Area walks and walking guides


Crib Goch & Snowdon Walks

Walking highlights. An ascent of Snowdon, the highest mountain in England & Wales, is a great Snowdonia walk. Nine different approach routes are available including the Llanberis path, Miners' Path, Pyg Track, Watkin Path and Snowdon Ranger Path. This section also includes the Snowdon Horseshoe, Crib Goch, Y Lliwyedd, Yr Aran and the outliers of Moel Eilio and Moel Cynghorion.

Where to stay - Beddgelert, Llanberis and Caernarfon are the most convenient centres to stay.

1427★☩Craflwyn circular, near Beddgelerteasy/mod2.50
2122★☩Cwm Glas from Pen-y-passmod/hard4.00
3613★☩Moel Cynghorion from Llyn Cwellynmoderate5.00
1136★☩Yr Aran from Bethania (Route B)moderate5.50
1192★☩Yr Aran from Bethania (Route A)mod/hard6.50
3073★☩Crib Goch, Garnedd Ugain and Snowdon hard6.50
3057★☩Moel Eilio from Llanberismoderate7.00
2729★☩Snowdon by Rhyd-Ddu and Snowdon Ranger Pathsmod/hard7.50
1418★☩Snowdon and Y Lliwedd from Pen-y-passmod/hard7.50
3198★☩Snowdon via the South Ridge & Rhyd-ddu Pathmod/hard7.50
1958★☩The Snowdon Horseshoehard7.50
1089★☩Snowdon by the Pyg and Miner's Tracks from Pen-y-passmoderate7.50
1216★☩Y Lliwedd & Snowdon from Pen-y-passmod/hard7.50
2290★☩Snowdon via the Watkin Path & South Ridgemod/hard8.00
2692★☩Snowdon via Dinas Mot & Crib Goch from Pen-y-passhard8.00
3036★☩Snowdon via Crib Goch from Pen-y-passvery hard8.50
2797★☩Yr Aran and Snowdon from Rhyd-Ddumod/hard8.50
1003★☩Snowdon by the Llanberis Pathmoderate9.00
2626★☩Snowdon & Garnedd Ugain from Llanberismoderate9.30
1681★☩Moel Eilio & Moel Cynghorion from Llanberis mod/hard10.00
1103★☩Snowdon & Cwm Llan horseshoevery hard13.00
3059★☩Moel Cynghorion & Snowdonvery hard13.50

Glyders & Tryfan Walks

Walking highlights. The Glyders offer some great walking especially to Glyder Fach and Glyder Fawr. Elsewhere the summits of Y Garn and Elidir Fawr offer excellent routes. The Glyders are also home to the iconic peak of Tryfan which can be scaled using scrambling routes or a more gentle approach from Ogwen Cottage. Other great scrambles are available on Bristly Ridge and Y Gribin.

Where to stay - Llanberis, Capel Curig, the Ogwen Valley and Bethesda are convenient bases.

2680★☩A circuit of Llyn Idwal from Ogwen Cottage easy2.80
3001★☩Tryfan by the North Ridge from Ogwen Valleyhard3.50
2855★☩Gallt yr Ogof & Braich y Ddeugwmmoderate4.00
1186★☩Y Garn from Ogwen Cottage (Route A)mod/hard4.50
1137★☩Y Garn from Ogwen Cottage (Route B)mod/hard4.50
1088★☩The Traverse of the Glyder Ridge from Ogwenhard5.50
1454★☩Glyder Fawr and Glyder Fach from Pen-y-Passmod/hard5.50
1215★☩Tryfan & Llyn Ogwen from the Ogwen Valleymod/hard5.50
3026★☩Tryfan & the Eastern Tops from the Ogwen Valleyhard5.75
1453★☩Elidir Fawr, Mynydd Perfedd & Marchlyn Mawr reservoirmoderate6.00
2417★☩A Glyderau trio: Glyder Fach, Glyder Fawr and Tryfan mod/hard6.50
2650★☩Tryfan, the Glyderau and Y Garnvery hard8.00
3019★☩Y Garn & Carnedd y Filiast from Ogwen Cottagehard8.50
2300★☩Glyder Fach from Capel Curigmod/hard11.50
1074★☩The Glyder Traversevery hard12.00

Western Carneddau, Ogwen, Bethesda & Capel Curig Walks

Walking Highlights. The Carneddau mountains form the largest area of high ground in Wales. The high summits of Carnedd Llywelyn and Carnedd Dafydd provide superb walking especially if combined with Pen yr Ole Wen and Yr Elen. Many of these Snowdonia walks provide wonderful views to other areas of the National Park.

Where to stay - Capel Curig, the Ogwen Valley and Bethesda are convenient bases.

2766Capel Pinnacle / Y Pincin from Capel Curigeasy1.00
3005Clogwen from Bryntyrch, Capel Curigeasy2.00
1661Crimpiau from Capel Curig easy/mod4.50
2833★☩Moel Faban, Gyrn & Moel Wnion from Rachub easy/mod5.00
3062★☩Pen yr Ole Wen from the Ogwen Valleymoderate5.00
3056★☩Pen yr Helgi Du from the Ogwen Valleymoderate5.50
3051★☩Yr Elen from Gerlan, Bethesdahard6.50
1315★☩Drosgl and Gyrn Wigau from Rachubmoderate7.50
2558★☩Carnedd Dafydd & Pen yr Ole Wen from Bethesdamod/hard8.00
2200★☩Eastern Carneddau from Capel Curigmoderate8.50
3052★☩Yr Elen & Carnedd Dafydd from Gerlan, Bethesdahard9.00
3020★☩Aber Falls, Foel-fras & Drum from Abergwyngregynmod/hard9.00
2902★☩Creigiau Gleision & Llyn Cowlyd from Capel Curigmoderate9.50
2115★☩Yr Elen, Carnedd Llewellyn & Carnedd Dafyddhard9.50
1150★☩The High Carneddau from the Ogwen Valleyhard10.00
3021★☩The Northern Carneddau from Abergwyngregynmod/hard12.00
2820★☩Carneddau traverse from Llyn Ogwen to Bont Newyddmod/hard14.00
1232★☩Carnedd Llewelyn, Llyn Eigiau & Llyn Cowlydhard16.00

Eastern Carneddu, Sychnant Pass, Trefriw & Betws-y-Coed Walks

Walking Highlights. The Eastern Carneddau mountains have much to offer walkers. Access to Cwm Eigiau and the summits in this area offer a contrast to the approach from Ogwen. Walks from Llyn Crafnant and Llyn Cowlyd provide easier hikes. The area around the Sychnant Pass offers less strenuous but rewarding scenic routes.

Where to stay - Conwy, Trefriw, Betws-y-coed and Penmaenmawr are convenient bases.

1435Sychnant Pass, Alltwen, Penmaen-Bach, & Conwy Mountaineasy/mod3.00
2679A circuit of Llyn Crafnant, near Trefriw easy3.50
2821Melynllyn & Dulyn Reservoir from Llyn Eigiau parking easy/mod5.50
3604Foel Lus & Jubilee Path from Sychnant Pass easy/mod5.90
2497Druid Circle, Moelfre and Foel Lus from Penmaenmawreasy/mod6.00
1332Four lakes of the Gwydir Foresteasy/mod6.50
1037Two lakes of the Gwydir Forest - Llyn Elsi and Llyn Parceasy/mod6.50
2638Craig Eigiau, Melynilyn & Dulyn Resrs nr. Tal-y-Bontmoderate7.00
2608Crimpiau & Creigiau Gleision from Llyn Crafnantmoderate7.50
2542Foel Grach from Llyn Eigiau, Carneddaumoderate8.50
1635Garnedd Uchaf & Llyn Eigiau nr Tal-y-Bontmod/hard9.00
2592★☩Llyn Geirionydd & Llyn Bychan from Llyn Crafnantmoderate9.50
3047★☩The Carneddau from Llyn Eigiau, Carneddauhard10.00
3061★☩Eastern Carneddau from near Rowenmod/hard10.50
2547★☩Carnedd Llewelyn via the Eastern Carneddaumod/hard12.00
2536★☩Llyn Crafnant, Capel Curig & Llyn Colwyd from Trefriwmod/hard13.00

Moelwyns, Moel Siabod & Cnicht Walks

Walking Highlights. The Moelwyns, with their rich industrial heritage, offer excellent walks. Cnicht (or the Knight) is an excellent objective. Moel Siabod provides some good scrambling (avoidable) and great views to Snowdon and other mountains of Snowdonia. Care with navigation is essential and there is some soft ground in this area.

Where to stay - Capel Curig, Beddgelert, Croesor and Blaenau Ffestiniog are convenient bases.

3074Mynydd Sygun from Beddgelert moderate4.50
1151★☩Moel Siabod from Pont Cyfyng, near Capel Curighard5.50
1426Aberglaslyn and Cwm Bychan from Beddgelerteasy/mod5.75
2150Llyn Dinas and Cwm Bychan from Beddgelerteasy/mod6.00
2919★☩Moel Siabod from Capel Curig moderate6.00
1127★☩Cnicht from Croesormoderate6.25
3402Moel Siabod circuit from Plas y Brenin, Capel Curigmoderate6.50
3035★☩The Moelwyns from Croesormod/hard7.50
1334Cnicht from Tanygrisiaumoderate8.00
1422★☩Cnicht and Moelwyn Mawr from Croesor moderate8.00
3024★☩North West of Blaenau Ffestiniog from the Crimea Passmod/hard8.50
3058Llyn yr Adar & Llyn Ednomoderate9.00
1010★☩Cnicht, Moel Druman & Allt-fawr from Croesormoderate10.00
1515Tops and Tarns of the Moelwynsmod/hard11.00

Moel Hebog & Nantlle Ridge Walks

Walking Highlights. Moel Hebog rises above Beddgelert and is a great walk. It can be combined with Moel yr Ogof and Moel Lefn to make a longer day in the hills. The Nantlle Ridge is a great Snowdonia walk and for many the finest ridge walk in Wales.

Where to stay - Beddgelert, Nantlle and Rhyd-Ddu are convenient bases.

1131Mynydd Mawr from Froneasy/mod4.00
1799Moel Hebog from Beddgelertmoderate5.50
2590★☩Nantlle Ridge Walk from Rhyd Ddu (Route A)moderate6.00
3117Garnedd Goch via Cwm Silyn (Two Lakes Walk)moderate6.00
1951★☩Mynydd Mawr from Rhyd-Ddumoderate6.00
2560★☩Moel Hebog, Moel yr Ogof & Moel Lefn from Beddgelertmod/hard6.50
1988★☩Beddgelert, Moel Hebog, Meol yr Ogof & Moel Lefnmod/hard6.75
3231★☩Moel Hebog, Meol yr Ogof and Moel Lefn from Beddgelertmod/hard6.75
3060★☩Moel Lefn & Moel yr Ogof from Cwm Pennantmoderate7.00
3509★☩Nantlle Ridge from Rhyd Ddu (Route B)mod/hard8.25

Rhinogs Walks

Walking Highlights. The Rhinog mountains offer contrasting terrain. Rhinog Fawr and Rhinog Fach are rocky with tough walking. In contrast the smooth grassy slopes of Y Llethr and Diffwys provide easier walking with great views.

Where to stay - Harlech, Llanbedr, Duffryn-Ardudwy and Barmouth are convenient bases.

1194Bwlch Drws-Ardudwy from Cwm Nantcoleasy4.50
1191★☩Rhinog Fawr & Gloyw Lyn from Cwm Bychanmod/hard5.00
1173★☩Moel Ysgyfarnogodmoderate6.50
2544★☩Rhinog Fach circularmoderate8.00
1036★☩Rhinog Fach & Y Llethr from Craigddu Isafmoderate9.00
1746★☩Bwlch y Rhiwgyr & Pont Scethinmoderate9.80
1193★☩Y Llethr & Diffwys from Dyffryn Ardudwymod/hard11.50
2713★☩A traverse of the Northern Rhinogsmod/hard14.00
3227★☩Rhinog Fawr and nearby tarnsmod/hard15.00

Cadair Idris Walks

Walking Highlights. Cadair Idris is a popular mountain with a number of routes to its summit and can be easily combined with other 'tops' on the ridge.The Precipice Walk near Dolgellau is an easy route offering some great views and easy walking. Finally the Cregennen Lakes make a wonderful objective with the route starting from Barmouth.

Where to stay - Dolgellau, Barmouth, Tywyn and Abergynolwyn are convenient bases.

1851★☩Cregennen Lakes & Pared y Cefn-hireasy/mod2.50
1646The Precipice Walk near Dolgellau easy3.50
3317A short walk from Happy Valleyeasy4.20
3230Tarrenhendre from Abergynolwyneasy/mod5.00
2668Cadair Idris, Craig Cau and Cyfrwy by the Pony Pathmod/hard5.25
1647Mawddach Bridge and Arthog from Barmouth easy5.40
3582Castell y Bere & Llanfihangel-y-pennant from Abergynolwyn easy/mod5.70
1204★☩Cadair Idris from Minfforddmod/hard6.00
1643Abergynolwyn, Llanfihangel-y-pennant & Castell y Bereeasy/mod6.80
1309Tarren y Gesail from Abergynolwynmoderate8.00
3229A Mawddach circular from Arthog near Fairbournemoderate9.00
2707★☩West of Cadair Idris - Tyrrau Mawr and Craig-y-llynmoderate9.50
2570★☩Cadair Idris from Llanfihangel-y-pennantmod/hard10.00
2100★☩A Circuit of Cadair Idris from Minfforddmod/hard11.00
1107Waun Oer and Maesglasemod/hard11.00
1644★☩Cregennen Lakes from Barmouth moderate11.00
1172★☩Cadair Idris by the Pony Pathmod/hard11.00

Arans & Lake Bala Walks

Walking Highlights. Aran Fawddwy is the highest peak in Southern Snowdonia and an ascent is a straightforward walk. It can be combined with Aran Benllyn and Glasgwm to make a longer day in the mountains.

Where to stay - Bala, Dolgellau and Dinas Mawddwy are convenient bases.

2059Castell Carndochan near Balaeasy/mod2.50
3055Glasgwm from Cwm Cywarchmoderate4.50
2055Moel Emoel from near Balamoderate6.00
1190★☩Aran Fawddwy from Cwm Cywarchmod/hard7.50
2937★☩Aran Fawddwy northern approachmod/hard8.40
3017★☩Aran Benllyn & Aran Fawddwy from Llanuwchllynmod/hard10.00
1255★☩The Aran Ridge from Cwm Cywarchhard11.20
1400★☩The Arans from Cwm Cywarchhard14.00

Arenigs Walks

Walking Highlights. The Arenig mountains lie to the north of Bala. Arenig Fawr is the highest of the group with a straightforward ascent. The less visited summits of Rhobell Fawr and Ddualt see few walkers but require careful navigation.

Where to stay - Bala is the most convenient base.

2551★☩Rhobell Fawr from near Rhydymainmoderate5.70
3038★☩Arenig Fawr from Arenig near Llyn Celyn (Route A)moderate7.00
2302★☩Arenig Fawr from Arenig near Llyn Celyn (Route B)moderate8.00
2811★☩Rhobell Fawr and Ddualt from near Rhydymainmoderate8.50
1499★☩Rhobell Fawr and Dduallt from Llanfachrethmoderate12.00

Snowdonia Challenge Route Walks

Walking Highlights. This Challenge Route is a serious undertaking if completed in a day. However many walkers choose to complete the walk over two days. Certainly not a route for novices and the hardest Snowdonia walk listed on this page!

3002The Welsh Three-Thousanderssevere31.50

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