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North Yorkshire Walks
Walking Routes & Hiking Trails

Find North Yorkshire walks from the list below which features the best walking routes in the area. Most of routes are circular walks although there are a few linear hikes. The walks are listed from the shortest and easiest to the longest more challenging routes. The walks are divided into sub areas so you can find specific walks.


Lower Wharfedale, Cracoe, Burnsall & Bolton Abbey Walks

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Walking Highlights. Personal favourites include the Valley of Desolation and Simon's Seat, Barden Fell, the Rylestone Edges above Cracoe and Trollers Gill. An easy walk full of interest is Barden Bridge and the Strid from Bolton Abbey.

Where to stay - Skipton, Burnsall, Ilkley and Addingham are convenient for walking in this area.

1576Embsay Reservoireasy1.00
1001Barden Bridge & the Strideasy4.00
3109Rylstone Edges & Cracoe from Rylstoneeasy/mod6.00
1811Sharp Haw in Airedaleeasy/mod7.00
1946Valley of Desolation & Simon's Seatmoderate8.40
1280Trollers Gillmoderate9.00
1249Simon's Seatmoderate10.00
2574Valley of Desolation & Barden Fellmoderate11.00
2000Wharfedale Circularmoderate13.50

Upper Wharfedale, Grassington, Kettlewell & Buckden Walks

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Walking Highlights. This is a fine area for walking with varied terrain. Personal favourites include an ascent of Buckden Pike, following the Dales Way between Kettlewell and Yockenthwaite, Conistone Dib and Capplestone Gate plus the hike from Kettlewelll into Littondale and Arncliffe.

Where to stay - Grassington, Kettlewell, Starbotton, Buckden and Hubberholme are convenient for walking in this area.

1846Garnshaw House & Linton Falls from Grassingtoneasy3.00
2611Hebden Gill from Hebdeneasy4.00
1573Grimwith Reservoireasy4.50
2493Cow Close Gill Waterfallseasy/mod4.60
1277Starbotton & Kettlewell circulareasy/mod5.00
3301Conistone to Grassington via the Dibeasy5.00
1407Thorpe & Burnsall from Lintoneasy/mod6.20
1278Cosh & Foxupeasy/mod6.50
2610Hebden Gill & Cupola Cornereasy/mod6.50
2332Mastilles Lane & Bordley from Kilnseyeasy/mod6.80
2423Capplestone Gate & Conistone Pieeasy/mod6.80
1632Arncliffe & Starbotton from Kettlewell moderate7.00
3262Copplestone Gate and Conistone Pie from Conistoneeasy/mod7.00
1294Arncliffe & Kettlewell Circularmoderate7.00
1254Yockenthwaite & Hubberholmemoderate8.00
1250Great Whernsidemoderate8.00
2132Buckden Pike and Hubberholmemoderate8.40
1292Linton & Thorpe Fell & Cracoemoderate9.00
1281Buckden Pikemoderate10.50
1145Grassington, Mastilles Lane & Conistone Dibmoderate11.25
1645Grassington, Mastilles Lane & Conistone Dibmoderate12.00

Malhamdale & Malham Cove Walks

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Walking Highlights. Some of my favourite Yorkshire Dales walks are in the area around Malham. Personal highlights include the easy walk to Malham Cove, any walks including Gordale Scar and the 'five-star' walk from Malham Tarn to Malham Cove returning via the Watlowes dry valley.

Where to stay - Malham is the prefered centre for walking in this area. However Settle and Gargrave are convenient alternatives.

3577Malham Cove from Malhameasy3.00
2737The River Aire & Kirkby Malham from Malhameasy3.00
2704Kirkby Malham & Hanlith from Malhameasy4.00
3092Malham Cove, Malham Tarn & Watloweseasy4.40
1274Nappa Cross & Malhameasy/mod5.50
2066Winterburn Reservoir circulareasy6.00
1377Calton and Hanlith Moorseasy/mod6.50
1239Gordale Scar & Malham Coveeasy/mod6.50
3307Gargrave to Flasbyeasy/mod6.50
3107Flasby Fell from Flasbyeasy/mod6.50
2385Airton & Bell Busk Circulareasy/mod6.80
1701Bordley Hall & Malham Moor from Threshfield Mooreasy/mod7.00
1051Gordale Scar & Malham Cove (Route 2)moderate7.00
2602Gordale Scar & Malham Cove (Route 3)moderate9.10
1282Malham Tarn & Arncliffemoderate12.50

Lower Ribblesdale, Settle & Langcliffe Walks

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Walking Highlights. Lower Ribblesdale offers a variety of easier walks amidst the limestone scenery so typical of this part of the Yorkshire Dales. Favourite walks include Attermire Scar and Catrigg Force, the Norber Erratics and Sulber Gate, and Giggleswick Scar.

Where to stay - Settle, Clapham, Austwick, Stainforth and Langcliffe are convenient for walking in this area.

1740Attermire Scar & Victoria Caveeasy/mod5.10
1105Settle Circulareasy/mod6.00
1403Attermire Scar and Catrigg Forceeasy/mod6.50
2082Attermire Scar, Catrigg Force & Langcliffeeasy/mod7.50
1548Rye Loaf Hill from Settlemoderate7.60
2603Feizor & Giggleswick Scar from Settleeasy/mod8.00
1251The Norber Erratics & Sulber Gatemoderate8.00
2620Sulber Gate & Crummack Dale from Austwickmoderate9.50
2617Nappa Cross & Victoria Cave from Langcliffemoderate9.50
1404Oxenber and Wharfe Woods from Langcliffemoderate10.50
2649Attermire Scar & Malham Tarn from Stainforthmod/hard16.50

Upper Ribblesdale & Three Peaks Walks

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Walking Highlights. The 'Big Three' peaks of Whernside, Ingleborough and Pen-y-ghent are the focus of walking in this area. Yorkshire Dales walks to these summits do not involve any technical difficulties hence their popularity. Personal favourites also include the Norber Erratics, the Ingleton Waterfalls Walk and walks starting from Dentdale.

Where to stay - Settle, Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Clapham and Ingleton all provide an ideal base for walking in this area.

3091Ingleton Waterfalls Walkeasy4.30
3094Norber & Norber Erracticseasy/mod6.30
3392★☩Darnbrook Fell & Fountains Fellmoderate6.40
1500★☩Pen-y-ghent via Horton Scarmoderate6.75
1208★☩Ingleborough & Park Fellmoderate7.50
3599Clapham, Oxenber Woods, Feizor & Settleeasy/mod7.50
3340Blea Moor & Denthead from Ribbleheadmoderate8.20
1121★☩Pen-y-ghent & Plover Hillmoderate9.00
3032★☩Gragareth & Great Coum from Yordas Cavemoderate9.00
3500★☩Ingleborough (northern approach)moderate9.50
1248★☩Trow Gill, Ingleborough & Long Scarmoderate9.50
1184★☩Whernside & Scales Moormoderate11.00
2796★☩Ingleborough via Gaping Gill & Norbermoderate13.00
1926★☩Pen-y-ghent & Littondalehard16.00
3433★☩Yorkshire Three Peaks from Horton-in-Ribblesdalevery hard24.50

Wensleydale Walks

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Walking Highlights. Wensleydale is the only dale not named after its river. The dale is wide with the River Ure following a gentle course through green pastures. Semer Water located on the side of the dale is my favourite place to walk as are routes through the valley. Aysgarth Falls especially after heavy rain are well worth including in a walk.

Where to stay - Hawes, Askrigg, Bainbridge, Aysgarth, Carperby and West Burton all provide an ideal base for walking in this area.

2286Gayle & Aysgill Force from Haweseasy3.50
3384Aysgarth Falls and Caperbyeasy4.00
2265Semer Water, Stalling Busk & Marsetteasy4.00
2363Drumaldrace (Wether Fell) from Burtersetteasy/mod5.20
3524Semer Water and Cam High Road from Bainbridge easy/mod5.70
1694Nappa Hall & Whitfield Gill Force easy/mod6.00
1680Haw Lane & Aysgarth Moor easy/mod6.30
3333Redmire Force & the Templar's Chapel from West Witton easy/mod6.70
2155Mossdale & Cotterdaleeasy/mod7.90
3624★☩Great Shunner Fell from Hardrawmod/hard9.20
1055Penhill & West Burtonmoderate10.00
3621★☩Great Shunner Fell & Lovely Seatmod/hard11.40
2273Dodd Fell Hill & Drumaldracemoderate11.50
2822Aysgarth & Castle Boltonmod/hard14.50

Swaledale Walks

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Walking Highlights. Swaledale is my favourite dale and is characterised by its iconic field barns and stone walls. The area around Gunnerside is rich in industrial heritage. Favourite Yorkshire Dales walks include Gunnerside and Swinner Gills where you can explore the ruins of the lead mining industry. Just outside the National Park lies Nine Standards Rigg with its prominent cairns offering a wonderful view into the Eden Valley.

Where to stay - Thwaite, Muker, Keld, Gunnerside and Reeth all convenient for walking in this area.

1253Booze & Slei Gill from Langthwaiteeasy2.50
3478Cringley Hill & Scar House from Langthwaiteeasy/mod4.80
3093Bunton Hush, Blakethwaite & Gunnerside Gilleasy/mod5.50
1252Great Pinseateasy/mod5.50
2190Calver Hill & Reeth Low Mooreasy/mod6.00
1341Nine Standards Riggmoderate6.00
1340Muker & Upper Swaledale from Keldeasy/mod6.50
1197Gunnerside & Swinner Gillsmoderate8.50
1053Swinner Gill and Mukermod/hard8.50
1768Thomas Gill and Ravenseat from Tan Hillmoderate8.70
1056Gunnerside & Surrender Bridgemoderate10.25

North York Moors West Walks

North York Moors National Park

Walking Highlights. The western part of the North York Moors National Park contains some excellent walking. Predominantly moorland, the area is dissected by many valleys or dales. Generally the area is sparsely populated with few facilities in the hamlets and villages. Excellent North York Moors walks include those to Roseberry Topping, Captain Cook's Monument and Highcliff Nab. The Clevland Way crosses this area and provides a useful route for shorter circular walks. Other highlights include walks that include Rievaulx Abbey and routes in Rosedale.

Where to stay - Pickering, Thirsk, Helmsley, Great Ayton and Hutton-le-hole all provide convenient access for walking in this area.

3581Gormire Lake from Sutton Bank National Park Centreeasy/mod3.40
1893Ainthorpe Rigg & Little Fryup Daleeasy/mod5.60
3718Scarth Wood Moor from Osmotherleyeasy/mod6.00
3418Cringle Moor & the Wain Stoneseasy/mod6.00
1330Roseberry Topping & Captain Cook's Monumenteasy/mod6.50
1921Spaunton Moor from Chimney Bank easy/mod8.10
3737Commondale & Esk Valleyeasy/mod8.20
1450Little & Great Fryup Dalesmoderate8.25
1622Hawnby, Bilsdale West and Wetherhouse Moors moderate8.30
1473Hollin Hill to Square Corner by the Cleveland Waymoderate9.45
1538Baysdale Circularmoderate9.45
2702Ampleforth, Shallow Dale, Yearsley Moor & Wildernessmoderate9.50
1920Rievaulx Moor from Cowhouse Bank moderate9.50
1525Beck Dale & Rievaulx from Helmsleymoderate9.75
1542The Rudland Ridge from Ousegill Bridgemoderate10.10
1544Chop Gate, Round Hill & Stumps Cross moderate10.10
1469Carlton Bank, Scugdale, Raisdale & Kirby Bankmoderate10.50
3187Esklets and Rosedale Head from Westerdalemoderate11.00
3398Rollgate Bank & Aumery Park from Fadmoormoderate11.00
1674Rosedale Valley circular from Little Blakey moderate11.00
2685Highcliff Nab and Guisborough Moormoderate11.10
2029Lastingham & Rosedale from Hutton-le-Holemoderate12.00
1527Farndale Circular from Little Blakeymoderate12.00
1524Cold Kirby, Rievaulx Bridge & Wassmoderate12.50
1498Kilburn White Horse, Cold Kirby, Murton, & Sutton Bankmoderate14.00
1468Wain Stones, Bank Foot & Bloworth Crossingmoderate14.25
1497High Paradise around Arden Great Moor from Square Cornermoderate14.25
1467Cleveland Way - Roseberry Common to Tidy Brown Hillmoderate15.00
2566Rievaulx Abbey from Kilburn, near Thirskmod/hard15.00

North York Moors East & Coast Walks

North York Moors National Park

Walking Highlights. The eastern part of the North York Moors National Park contains some excellent walking. Predominantly moorland with a rugged coastline, this part of the National Park features many dales that dissect the higher moors. Excellent North York Moors walks include coastal walking following the Cleveland Way especially around Robin Hood's Bay, the Hole of Horcum, and walks from Goathland. The Clevland Way follows the coast in this area and provides a useful basis for shorter circular walks.

Where to stay - Robin Hood's Bay, Whitby, Goathland and Pickering are convenient bases for walking in this area.

3533★☩Mallyan Spout and Beck Hole from Goathland easy3.00
3532Runswick Bay to Staitheseasy3.80
3337Dundale Pond from Levisham easy4.80
3534★☩Dundale Pond & Hole of Horcum from Saltergateeasy/mod5.20
3585★☩Skelton Tower & Hole of Horcum from Levishameasy/mod7.40
1012Glaisdale, Great Fryup Dale and Eskdalemoderate7.50
2262Goathland & Grosmonteasy/mod7.70
1464Sleights Mooreasy/mod7.75
1395Broxa & Broxa Foresteasy/mod8.25
1397Hole of Horcum from Levisham Stationeasy/mod8.50
3471Robin Hood's Bay from Ravenscarmoderate8.50
1744Hayburn Wyke & Ravenscar along the Cleveland Waymoderate8.50
1743Sneaton Thorpe & Littlebeck from May Beckmoderate8.90
1887Runswick Bay & Kettlenessmoderate9.00
2091Kettleness and Mickleby from Lythemoderate9.70
1452Leaholm Moor & Scaling Dammoderate9.75
1867Hole of Horcum & Bridestones from Locktonmoderate9.80
1623Burn Howe Rigg from Jugger Howes moderate10.00
2130Robin Hood's Bay & Hawkser from Fylingthorpemoderate10.00
2325Troutsdale Circular moderate10.10
1564Hayburn Wyke from Scalby moderate10.20
1396Hole of Horcum and Saltergate Brow from Locktonmoderate10.25
1758Newton House Plantation & Stony Leasmoderate10.30
2583Iburndale and the Esk Valley from Stainsacremoderate10.30
1675The Esk Valley & Egton High Moor moderate10.50
1922Goathland & Howl Moors moderate11.20
1930Wheeldale Moor circular moderate11.30
1602Saltergate, Fylingdales & Allerston High Moormoderate11.50
2077Glaisdale Moor circular moderate11.90
2665Cawthorne Roman Camp Circular moderate12.20
1476Boulby Mine to Whitby by the Cleveland Waymoderate12.50
2563Egton Bridge & Grosmont from Goathlandmoderate12.50

South Pennines Walks

The South Pennines stretch from the northern boundary of the Peak District to the southern boundary of the Yorkshire Dales. Consisting of high rolling moorland, intersected by deep valleys, there is nowhere in this region that exceeds 2000 feet. The moors and valleys are where the old rivals, Lancashire and Yorkshire meet and where too the rival industries of cotton and wool.

2661Keighley Moor Reservoir & Hitching Stone from Cowlingmoderate9.50

Yorkshire Wolds Walks

A lovely area for walking with a rolling chalk plateau cut into by deep, steep sided dry valleys. The walking is generally easy with a number of attractive villages to explore.

1738The deserted village of Wharram St Percy easy2.70
3515Deepdale and the deserted village of Wharram St. Percyeasy5.00
1990Settrington from North Grimstoneasy/mod7.30
3247Stockingdale and Muston from Hunmanbyeasy/mod7.80
2703Thixendale & Kirby Underdaleeasy/mod8.50
1630Filey, Camp Dale & Hunmanby moderate10.50
3434North Grimston, Birdsall & Wharram Percymoderate12.10

Howardian Hills Walks

3733Coneysthorpe & Castle Howard from Welburneasy/mod9.00
3126Kirkham Priory & Pretty Wood from Low Huttonmoderate11.00
3121Castle Howard & Coneysthorpemoderate11.40

Nidderdale AONB Walks

1572Swinsty Reservoireasy3.00
1571Scar House & Angram Reservoirseasy4.00
1574Thruscross Reservoireasy4.50
3726Brimham Rocks Circular easy4.70
3507Dacre Banks Circulareasy/mod6.50
1929River Ure & Nutwith Common from Masham easy/mod6.60
1405Thruscross Reservoir & Kex Gill Mooreasy/mod8.50
3528Fountains Abbey & Markenfield Hallmoderate8.65
3659Scar House Reservoir, Dale Edge & Middlesmoormoderate9.00
2406Ripon Rowel Walk Leg 4 - Ilton to Grewelthorpemoderate10.50
2405Ripon Rowel Walk Leg 3 - Sawley to Iltonmoderate11.00
2572West Scrafton & Middlesmoor from Lofthousemod/hard18.00

Vale of York Walks

1095The Marton-cum-Grafton Eighteasy3.25
1358Ripley & Knox circulareasy5.50
3602Tadcaster and Newton Kymeeasy/mod6.10
1078Hampsthwaite & Ripley Parkeasy7.50
2404Ripon Rowel Walk Leg 2 - South Stainley to Sawleyeasy/mod8.50
1800West of Harrogate without a careasy/mod9.00
2750Fountains Abbey & Studley Parkmoderate9.50
1757River Ouse & Moor Monkton FROM Nether Poppletonmoderate10.00
2403Ripon Rowel Walk Leg 1 - Ripon to South Stainleyeasy/mod10.00
2407Ripon Rowel Walk Leg 5 - Grewelthorpe to Riponmoderate12.00

Vale of Pickering Walks

1311Slingsby & South Holmeeasy/mod8.00
1631Scarborough to Filey moderate10.20
1704Oswaldkirk, Nunnington & Harome circular moderate11.50

Skipton Walks

2861Pinhaw Beacon from Lothersdaleeasy4.00
3430Farnhill Moor from Kildwickeasy/mod4.50
2304East Marton and the Drumlinseasy/mod5.50
2657Bradleys Both, near Skiptoneasy/mod5.50
2904Cross Hills to Skipton via Low Bradleyeasy/mod6.50
2256Great Stone of Fourstoneseasy/mod6.70

Walks that start in adjacent counties / areas.

Walks that start in adjacent counties or areas but cross the boundary and include sections of the route within North Yorkshire.

WalkDescriptionStarts In
1052★☩Whernside & DentdaleCumbria
2409The Upper Eden valley without a carCumbria
3135★☩Dentdale & BleamoorCumbria
1970★☩Great Knoutberry Hill & Dent HeadCumbria
3584★☩Gragareth from IrebyLancashire
2437Bowland KnottsLancashire
2090Easington Beck & Staithes from LoftusRedcar and Cleveland
3160Roseberry Topping and Captain Cook's MonumentRedcar and Cleveland
2906Circular from Wayrham Through PainsthorpeEast Yorkshire
1842Buttercrambe & Youlthorpe from Stamford BridgeEast Yorkshire
2655Wayram To Fridaythorpe CircularEast Yorkshire
1905Beamsley Beacon and Bolton AbbeyWest Yorkshire
1380Bramham Park & Newton Kyme from Kiddal BridgeWest Yorkshire

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North Yorkshire Guide

North Yorkshire is a large county and contains some of the finest walking in Britain. The Yorkshire Dales and North York Moors National Parks offer varied routes to suit all abilities with wonderful scenery. Outside of the two National Parks, there are many walks offering rural tranquillity and pleasant walking. The Pennine Way, Dales Way and Coast to Coast long distance paths offer excellent circular walks exploring the landscapes of this historic county.

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