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Peak District Walks
Walking Routes & Hiking Trails

Find Peak District walks from the list below which features the best walking routes in the area. Most of routes are circular walks although there are a few linear hikes. The walks are listed from the shortest and easiest to the longest more challenging routes. The walks are divided into sub areas so you can find specific walks.

200+ Great Peak District walks with detailed route descriptions, excellent mapping, photos and GPX files. Routes include the best walks in the White Peak, with its limestone dales, and the gritstone moors of the Dark Peak.

Area walks and walking guides

Useful guides to walks and walking from these popular centres. Includes places to stay, local amenities and the best walking routes.


White Peak - Manifold Valley & Dovedale Walks

Walking highlights - Dramatic Dovedale and its sister dales are typical of the White Peak with limestone outcrops a character of the landscape. The Manifold Valley, lying to the west of Dovedale, also has much to offer walkers including Thor's Cave perched high on the valley side. Between the Dove and Manifold valleys lies high ground, including Ecton Hill and the villages of Alstonefield and Wetton which provide a good base for Peak District walks in this area.

Where to stay - Hartington, Alstonefield, Wetton, Grindon and Ashbourne are all convenient for this area.

3131Thorpe Cloud and the Dove Valleyeasy1.60
2681Wetton & Manifold Valley from Wettoneasy/mod3.60
2259Ilam from Blore Pastureseasy4.50
1475Bunster Hill and Dovedale from Ilameasy/mod4.50
1021Milldale & Hall Dale from Alstonefieldeasy/mod5.00
1594Biggin, Wolfscote & Beresford Dales from Hartingtoneasy5.50
2682River Dove & Reynard's Lane from Hartingtoneasy/mod5.60
1593Beresford, Wolfscote & Biggin Dales from Hartington easy/mod6.20
2252Manifold Valley and Ecton Hill from Buttertoneasy/mod6.30
2455Lum Edge & Revidge Moor from Warsloweasy/mod6.50
1709Milldale and Wolfscote Dale from Alstonefieldeasy/mod6.50
1181Wetton Hill & the Manifold Valley from Wettoneasy/mod6.50
1595Dove Valley & Biggin Dale from Hartingtoneasy/mod6.80
2537Ecton Hill & Wetton from Wetton Millmoderate7.00
2079Beresford & Wolfescote Dales from Hartingtoneasy/mod7.20
1257Wolfscote Dale from Alstonefieldeasy/mod7.50
3527Dovedale and Manifold Valley from Ilammoderate7.50
1653The Manifold Valley from Wetton easy/mod7.80
2263Grindon & the Manifold Way from Waterhousesmoderate8.00
1195High-level Dovedale from near Thorpe Cloudmoderate9.50
3455Manifold Valley & Dovedale om Ilammoderate9.50
3597Manifold Valley, Thor's Cave, Ecton & Wetton Hills from Alstonefield moderate10.00
3601Dove & Manifold Valleys from Alstonefieldmoderate10.00

White Peak - Upper Dove Valley & Chrome Hill Walks

Walking highlights - Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill (the Dragon's Back) are the main attractions in this area. As you head up towards the source of the River Dove the scenery gets wilder and more dramatic.

Where to stay - Hartington and Longnor are convenient for this area.

1185Chrome Hill (Dragon's Back) from Hollinsclougheasy/mod4.50
3445The Dragon's Back (Chrome Hill) from Hollinscloughmoderate4.50
1861Chrome and Parkhouse Hills from Earl Sterndaleeasy/mod5.00
1042Pilsbury Castle from Hartingtoneasy/mod5.50
1862Earl Sterndale and High Wheeldon from Longnoreasy/mod6.00
2837Parkhouse & Chrome Hills from Longnoreasy/mod6.70
2531Upper Dove Valley from Hollinscloughmoderate7.50
2545High Edge & Chrome Hill from Hollinscloughmoderate8.50
3709Sparklow, Crowdicote & Pilsbury Circulareasy/mod9.00
2723Pilsbury Castle, Hartington & Sheen from Longnor easy/mod9.60

White Peak - High Peak & Lathkill Dale Walks

Walking highlights - Lathkill Dale is popular with walkers. Its varied scenery adds to its appeal. Elsewhere in the High Peak you can explore the remains of the once flourishing lead mining industry, marvel at the dry-stone walls that stretch for miles or enjoy an easy walk along a disused railway.

Where to stay - Hartington, Monyash, Youlgreave and Bakewell are convenient for this area.

3046Lathkill Dale & Monyasheasy4.00
1369Tissington Trail - Hartington to Parsley Heyeasy4.00
1410Minninglow Hill, Roystone Grange and Cardlemere Lane from Gothameasy/mod5.50
1945Lathkill Dale & Over Haddon circulareasy/mod5.70
1892Minninglow & Roystone Rockseasy/mod5.80
1206Chelmorton & Flagg from Taddingtoneasy/mod6.00
1589Lathkill & Bradford Dales (short version) from Back Laneeasy/mod6.00
1827Ashford-in-the Water,Magpie Mine & Over Haddon easy/mod7.10
1590Monyash & Lathkill Dale from Back Laneeasy/mod8.20
1569Lathkill Dale & Bradford Dale from Back Laneeasy/mod8.20
2301Biggin & Parsley Hay from Hartingtoneasy/mod9.50
1146Bradford & Lathkill Dales from Monyashmoderate11.25

White Peak - Stanton Moor & Winster Walks

Walking highlights - Stanton Moor with its Nine Ladies stone circle offers great views and many interesting things to explore. The villages of Birchover and Winster are worth exploring too.

Where to stay - Bakewell, Winster, Stanton and Matlock are convenient for this area.

2136Wensley & Brightgate from Winstereasy/mod6.20
3196Stanton Moor and Robin Hood's Stride from Winstereasy/mod7.00
2559Stanton Moor & The Nine Ladies Stones from Winstermoderate9.00
2503Robin Hood's Stride & Stanton Moormoderate11.00

White Peak - Miller's Dale, Bakewell & Monsal Trail Walks

Walking highlights - The Monsal Trail follows an old railway and takes you from Bakewell through a number of scenic dales including Miller's Dale. Monsal Head is a great place to visit to savour the view into the dale far below.

Where to stay - Bakewell, Tideswell, Taddington and Ashford in the Water are convenient for this area.

3018Cracknowl and the Monsal Trail from Bakewelleasy3.50
1650Miller's Dale & Cressbrook Dale from Tideswell Daleeasy/mod5.50
1896Horseshoe Dale & Deep Dale from Wye Daleeasy/mod6.40
3341Brushfield, Miller's Dale & Monsal Head from Lees Bottom easy/mod6.50
2573Tideswell, Miller's & Cressbrook Dales from Littoneasy7.00
1859Chee Dale & Monk's Dale from Miller's Dalemoderate7.30
1043Chelmorton & the Monsal Traileasy/mod8.10
1651Monsal Trail & Ashford-in-the-Water from Lees Bottom easy/mod8.75
2627Cromford to Bakewellmoderate11.50
2798Bakewell to Edalemod/hard18.00

Dark Peak South - Edale & Kinder Scout Walks

Walking highlights - the Kinder Scout Plateau, especially the edges which circle this moor, including Ringing Roger, Grindsbrook, Ashop Head, Fairbrook Naze and Kinder Downfall. In addition the western fringes of this area including South Head.

Where to stay - Edale, Castleton and Hayfield are convenient for this area.

1852Eldon Hill from Peak Forest easy/mod5.00
1113Ringing Roger & Grindslow Knoll from Edalemoderate5.50
1923Cown Edge & Whiteley Nab from Chunal easy/mod6.50
1489Blackden Brook, Kinder & Upper Ashopmoderate6.75
2637Coombs Ridge, Cown Edge from Broadbottomeasy/mod7.00
1686Cown Edge from Broadbottomeasy/mod7.30
1159★☩Grindsbrook & Edale Head from Edalemoderate7.50
2635The edges of Combs Moss near Chapel-en-le-Fritheasy/mod7.50
2534Chinley Churn & South Headeasy/mod7.50
1174Kinder Low & Mount Famine from Hayfieldmoderate7.50
2546★☩Lantern Pike & Cown Edge from Rowartheasy/mod8.00
2507★☩South Head & Edale Cross from Hayfieldmoderate8.00
2514★☩Fair Brook & Kinder Downfall from Birchen Cloughmoderate8.00
1182★☩Kinder Downfall from Hayfieldmoderate8.00
1300★☩Hope Cross & Ringing Roger from Edalemoderate8.00
3350★☩Kinder Scout Summit from Edalemoderate8.50
1227★☩Fair Brook & Kinder Northern Edges from Birchen Cloughmoderate8.50
3407★☩Chinley to Edale without a carmoderate9.25
3238★☩Fairbrook Naze & Ashop Head from Birchen Cloughmoderate9.30
1264★☩Rushup Edge & Crowden Tower from Edalemoderate10.00
1295★☩Ringing Roger & Edale Cross from Edalemoderate10.00
2622★☩Sett Valley & Kinder from New Millsmoderate10.00
2378★☩Rushup Edge & Mam Tor from Edalemoderate10.00
3298★☩Oyster Clough & Blackden Edge from Birchen Cloughmoderate11.40
2599★☩Kinder Scout and Castleton Ridge from Hopemod/hard13.50
2615★☩The Kinder Edges from Edalemod/hard18.00

Dark Peak South - Castleton Great Ridge & Mam Tor Walks

Walking highlights - the Great Ridge at Castleton linking Mam Tor with Lose Hill is one the great walks of the Peak District. Other attractions include Winnats Pass, Peveril Castle and Rushup Edge. An excellent for Peak District walks and very popular in good weather.

Where to stay - Castleton, Hope, and Edale are convenient for this area.

1831Mam Tor & Hollins Cross from Mam Nick easy3.00
1519Catleton & Speedwell Cavern Circulareasy4.25
1521Cave Dale and Winnats Pass from Castletoneasy4.50
3426Lose Hill & Hollins Cross from Castletoneasy/mod5.00
1665Hollins Cross & Lose Hill from Castletoneasy/mod6.00
1087★☩Mam Tor & Cave Dale from Castletonmoderate6.50
1706★☩Win Hill from Hopeeasy/mod6.50
2522Rushup Edge & Edale from Mam Nickmoderate7.00
1368★☩Mam Tor, Upper Booth & Rushup Edge from Mam Nickmoderate7.00
2591Crook Hill & Ladybower Reservoireasy/mod7.50
2588★☩Win Hill & Hope Crossmoderate7.50
2595★☩Castleton Great Ridge from Edalemoderate8.50
1286★☩Castleton Great Ridge & Mam Tor from Hopemoderate8.50
1688★☩Old Dam & Sparrowpit from Mam Nick moderate9.00

Dark Peak South - Longendale & Bleaklow Walks

Walking highlights - Bleaklow is wild and can be challenging but it does have its rewards. Grains-in-the-Water provides solitude and stunning moorland landscapes. Circular walks using sections of the Pennine Way are also a feature of this area.

Where to stay - Glossop and Crowden are convenient for this area.

2625Torside Clough from Longdendalemoderate4.50
3607Reservoirs Walk from Tintwistleeasy/mod5.50
1759Torside Clough & Longendale from Old Glossopmoderate7.40
3027Bleaklow Head from Longdendalemoderate8.00
1213Alport Castles from Fairholmemoderate8.50
1168★☩Old Glossop & Bleaklowmoderate9.50
2982Bleaklow & Higher Shelf Stones from the Snake Passmod/hard9.50
1756Bleaklow & The Longendale Trail from Woodheadmod/hard10.00
1486Harry Hut, Mill Hill & Doctor's Gate from Glossopmoderate11.30
2375★☩The Longendale Edges from Crowdenmod/hard11.80
3049Bleaklow Stones from Derwent Valleymod/hard12.00
1116Grains in the Water & Alport Castles from Snake Passmod/hard12.00
1697Marsden to Edale challengevery hard22.00

Dark Peak North - Black Hill & Dovestone Reservoir Walks

Walking highlights - circular walks based on the Pennine Way, the wild moorland around Black Hill, Laddow Rocks, the gritstone edges of Saddleworth Moor above Dovestone Reservoir and the wide open spaces of Wessenden Moor.

Where to stay - Holmfirth, Hadfield, Mossley and Marsden are convenient for this area.

2914The Pots & Pans from Uppermilleasy/mod4.50
1401Hordron Road and the Little Don from Daisy Ley Hilleasy/mod5.00
1583Digley Reservoireasy/mod5.00
3174Saltersbrook and Lady Cross from Woodheadeasy/mod6.00
2098Marsden Moor from Marsdeneasy/mod6.40
1179Lad's Leap & Laddow Rocks from Crowdenmoderate6.50
2634Broadstone Hill & the Cotton Famine Roadmoderate7.00
2517Chew Reservoir & Fox Stone from Dovestonesmoderate7.50
2553Greenfield Reservoir & Raven Stones from Dovestonemoderate8.00
2826Winscar Reservoir circuit from Dunford Bridge moderate8.90
1703Longdendale from Hadfield Stationeasy/mod9.00
1695Flouch & Winscar circular easy/mod9.00
3022Black Hill from Crowdenmoderate9.00
1829Holme & Marsden Clough from Ramsden Reservoirmoderate9.00
2630Upper Holme Valley & Ramsden Cloughmoderate9.00
2621Black Hill & Laddow Rocks from Crowdenmoderate9.00
1526Cats Clough Head & Outer Edge from Flouchmoderate9.00
2561Digley & Ramsden Reservoirs from Wessenden Headmoderate9.50
2518Black Hill & Four Reservoirs from near Wessenden Headmoderate10.00
3401From Langsett to Crowden via Woodheadmoderate11.00
2644Marsden and the Standedge Trailmoderate11.00
2613Boundary Walk from Marsdenmoderate13.00
2600Chew Reservoir & the Pennine Waymod/hard14.00
2359Cuckoo Walk & Bacon Butties from Marsdenhard19.50
2231The Eastern Edgeshard25.00

Eastern Moors - Sheffield area & Derwent Edge Walks

Walking highlights - Derwent Edge above the Derwent valley offers great walking with many interesting rock formations to discover, the many reservoirs on the western fringes of Sheffield and their surrounding countryside, and the wild moors that dominate this area.

Where to stay - Hathersage, Bamford, Grindleford and Sheffield are convenient for this area.

1578Dale Dike Reservoireasy2.50
1580Redmires Reservoireasy2.50
1581Langsett Reservoireasy3.00
1582More Hall Reservoireasy3.40
1577Low Bradwell & Agden Reservoireasy3.50
1579Damflask Reservoireasy3.50
1754Agden Reservoir Circulareasy/mod4.80
1523Broomhead Moor & Ewden Beckeasy/mod6.00
2516Moscar, Dale Dike & Shrines Reservoirseasy/mod7.00
3439High Bradfield from Glen Howemoderate8.30
1285Dungworth & Rod Moormoderate9.40
1539Flask Edge and Bar Brook Moor from Shillito Woodmoderate9.40
3330Rivelin Valley from Malin Bridge easy/mod9.70
1479Burbage Moor & Redmires from near Ringingloweasy/mod9.75
1219Back Tor & the Wheel Stones from Fairholmemoderate10.25
1522Back Tor, Bradfield Moors and Reservoirsmoderate11.00
1687Broomhead & Howden Moors moderate12.40
3436Hillsborough to Bradfield & Loxley Valleymoderate12.60
1541Redmire, Stanage & Ughill Moor circular moderate13.00
1098Howden Edge & Derwent Valley from Fairholmesmod/hard14.00

Eastern Moors - Gritstone Edges, Higger Tor & Longshaw Estate Walks

Walking highlights - the gritstone edges offer level walking and superb views and include Stanage Edge, Burbage Rocks, and Froggatt Edge. The area around the Longshaw Estate including Higger Tor and Padley Gorge also offers some excellent Peak District walks.

Where to stay - Hathersage, Bamford, and Grindleford are convenient for this area.

1169Baslow Edge & Wellington's Monument from Curbareasy3.50
1093Higger Tor & Burbage Rocks from Longshaweasy/mod5.30
1090Stanage Edge from Dennis Knollmoderate7.00
2515The River Derwent, Curbar, Baslow & Froggatt Edgeseasy/mod7.50
1240Curbar, Froggatt & White Edges from Curbar Gapeasy/mod8.00
2629Stanage Edge, Redmires & Hallam Moorseasy/mod8.50
2548Stanage Edge from Hathersagemoderate8.50
2520Higger Tor & the Longshaw Estatemoderate9.00
2235Bamford & Stanage Edges from Rod Sidemoderate9.90
3540The Derwent Edge from Cutthroat Bridgemoderate10.00
1273Burbage Rocks & Padley Gorge from Hay Woodmoderate11.00

Eastern Moors - Abney Moor & Chatsworth Walks

Walking highlights - Abney Moor offers some great walks and is less busy than adjacent areas. The extensive Chatsworth Estate also offers great walking with Chatsworth House and the estate villages providing plenty of interest along the route.

Where to stay - Hope, Bradwell, Grindleford and Eyam are convenient for this area.

3620Bretton Clough & Abney Moor from Abneyeasy/mod6.00
3557Chatsworth Park from Calton Leeseasy/mod6.50
1270Abney Circulareasy/mod7.20
1986Chatsworth Park from Rowsleyeasy/mod7.30
1080Shatton Moor and Offerton from Bradwelleasy/mod7.50
1100★☩Abney Moor & Bretton Clough from Hucklowmoderate8.50
1014Coombs Dale, Longstone Edge & Pilsley from Calvermoderate10.00

Western Moors - Three Shires Head & the Roaches Walks

Walking highlights - The Roaches offer great views with little effort, Three Shires Head where the counties of Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Cheshire meet at a picturesque packhorse bridge and lonely Axe Edge Moor, which is the highest point in Staffordshire.

Where to stay - Leek, Buxton, Gradbach and Danebridge are convenient for this area.

1596Lud's Church and Roach End from Gradbach easy/mod4.50
1652Three Shires Head from Danebower Holloweasy4.50
1707The Roaches short circulareasy/mod5.00
2233Flash & Three Shires Head from Danebower Holloweasy/mod6.20
1598Lud's Church, Back Forest & Clough Headeasy/mod6.80
3030Roaches & Lud's Churcheasy/mod7.00
3323Gradbach, Three Shires Head & Knotburyeasy/mod7.10
1728Axe Edge Moor & Three Shires Head from Derbyshire Bridgeeasy/mod7.20
1178Roaches and Lud's Churchmoderate7.25
2577Hawk's Nest, Goldstitch Moss & Lud's Churchmoderate8.00
2272Flash Circular from Cistern Cloughmoderate8.00
3197Flash, Knotbury & Three Shires Head easy/mod8.20
1288Roaches & Hen Cloud from Tittesworth Reservoirmoderate8.50

Western Moors - Lyme Park, Shining Tor & Goyt Valley Walks

Walking highlights - Lyme Park with its historic house and grounds, Shining Tor (the highest point in Cheshire) and the ridge to Cats Tor, Pym Chair and Windgather Rocks, and the Goyt Valley with Errwood and Fernilee Reservoirs lying amidst glorious scenery.

Where to stay - Disley, Whaley Bridge, Bollington and Buxton are convenient for this area.

2329The Disley Lanes from Lyme Parkeasy4.00
2523Black Rocks & Bollinhurst Reservoir from Disleyeasy5.00
3136Shining Tor & Goyt's Clough from Derbyshire Bridgeeasy/mod5.10
2576Fernilee Reservoir, Goyt Valleyeasy6.00
2567Lyme Park & Dissop Head from Disleyeasy6.00
1481Dale Top (Park Moor) from Lyme Parkeasy6.25
3510Shining Tor, Cats Tor & Foxlow Edge from Errwoodeasy/mod7.00
1474Park Moor and Birchencliff from Lyme Parkeasy/mod7.25
1233Shining Tor & Windgather Rocks from Lamaloadmoderate7.50
2528Kettleshulme & Sponds Hillmoderate8.00
1092Taxal Edge, Jenkin Chapel & Pym Chair from Errwood Reservoir Dammoderate8.50
1183Shining Tor & Axe Edge Moor from Cat & Fiddlemoderate9.00
2557Lyme Park from Poyntonmoderate10.00
2527Kettleshulme & Taxal Edge from Lamaloadmoderate10.00

Western Moors - Shutlingsloe & Macclesfield Forest Walks

Walking highlights - an ascent of Shutlingsloe locally know as the 'Cheshire Matterhorn', Macclesfield Forest and Trentabank Reservoir, which is home to a large heronry, and the scenic viewpoint of Tegg's Nose. This relatively quiet area includes many good Peak District walks.

Where to stay - Macclesfield, Buxton, and Danebridge are convenient for this area.

1461Shutlingsloe from Trentabankeasy/mod3.00
3588★☩Rainow Circulareasy/mod5.50
2535Wildboarclough & Shutlingsloe from Trentabankmoderate7.00
2506Tegg's Nose from Trentabankmoderate7.50
1502Shutlingsloe and Macclesfield Forest from Trentabankmoderate9.00
1371Rossendale Ramble from Suttonmoderate12.00

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Peak District Guide

Walking in the Peak District is some of finest in the UK. The National Park suffers from a split personality with its contrasting White and Dark Peaks. Within easy distance from Manchester, Sheffield and the Midlands there is much for the visitor to see. The contrast between quiet limestone dales and wild upland moors provides the basis for a diverse range of Peak District walks with scenic variety the keynote.
Peak District Walking Guide

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